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streamer fishing smallmouth bass fly in the spread video

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing

All of the In The Spread bass fishing videos are geared toward getting you on the water with ample knowledge to catch more fish. We focus on drilling way into a style or type of fishing that many of our members request. Smallmouth bass fishing in rivers does present some challenges for folks in the fly fishing arena. In this video, we break things down to a very granular level, so you can take what we share a quickly incorporate it into your fishing. So, if you are interested in streamer fishing for smallmouth bass in rivers, this is an excellent learning tool for you.

We are fishing the Holston River in Tennessee. This is a tail water with a free stone construct. The water level and flow rate is controlled upriver at the dam. We will explain how the flows impact river bass fishing. Think of the river as a conveyor belt with food and imagine how fish respond when the water has more flow. It is like a dinner bell. You can use information on water releases to better manage your fishing time.

You are going to learn about fly fishing with streamers, what size and color. Learn about color choice and how correlating it to what the fish are feeding on will greatly increase your catching. See how various retrieval techniques can improver your fishing. Our instructor will go into great detail on what to cast to and where to place your streamer. He will break down targeting visible feeding fish, over hanging trees, laydowns, slack hate eddies, bubble trails, seams of fast and slow moving water and how fish use these areas to their benefit. Look for cover or structure. Smallmouth bass are predators of opportunity. They eat when they can, when food comes by.

You will also get plenty of info on rod and reel setups, line class, tippet size and length, fly patterns and more.

The smallmouth bass fishing tips for streamer fishing in rivers available in this video are highly effective. Take full advantage of this intel and broaden your base of knowledge. The more you know, the more you catch.

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