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  • Bass Fishing Hot Weather Nick Kefalides

    2020, Largemouth Bass - Fishing Hot Weather in Florida

    Capt. Nick Kefalides shares his approach to bagging trophy-sized big Florida bass in hot weather, focusing on Lake Toho and various cover structures. He analyzes tackle and rigs, focusing on early morning action on grass flats, shell beds, offshore grass beds, brush piles, and rocky spots.

  • Florida Bass Fishing - Shallow Water Heavy Cover

    2019, Largemouth Bass - Fishing Shallow Water Heavy Cover

    Capt. Nick Kefalides is a skilled Florida bass fishing expert who specializes in understanding seasonal variations in big bass behavior, habitat changes, and forage food presentations. In his In The Spread videos, he teaches how to fish for bass in shallow water and heavy cover, focusing on the best lakes and lures for big fish.

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    Florida Live Bait PreSpawn Bass Fishing

    2019, Largemouth Bass - Florida Live Bait PreSpawn

    Capt. Nick Kefalides, a USMC Spec Ops veteran, teaches live bait techniques for Florida prespawn bass fishing. He demonstrates how to present baits to weed edges, open water beds, and heavy structure, and shares his preferred bait type and rigging techniques.

  • Florida Bass - Flipping Punching

    2018, Largemouth Bass - Flipping and Punching Florida

    In The Spread bass fishing videos, Bass Master Elite Series Pro Capt. Kyle Monti teaches you how to flip and punch through thick vegetation in Florida lakes. He shares tips on rods, reels, line, weights, and baits, as well as presenting to bass thick in matted cover. He also demonstrates how to make a punch rig and shares his techniques repeatedly.

  • Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass

    2018, Smallmouth Bass - Fly Fishing Streamers

    In the Spread and ITS Freshwater discuss streamer fishing smallmouth bass in tail water, focusing on ideal target zones. They discuss starting locations, presentation practices, water generation, gear, and more. ITS Freshwater shares fishing knowledge with viewers.

  • River Bass Fishing Gear Basics

    2018, Shoal Bass - Fishing Gear Basics

    In The Spread, Chad Bryson discusses simple gear selection for bass fishing in rivers, focusing on smallmouth and shoal bass. Smallmouth and shoal bass are excellent game fish that eat both flies and lures. Chad shares his go-to flies, fly line, and lures for bass, as well as his rods and reels. Simplify your river bass fishing life with In The Spread and Capt. Chad Bryson.

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    Florida Top Water Bass Fishing

    2018, Largemouth Bass - Florida Top Water Fishing

    Topwater bass fishing in shallow water lakes in Central Florida is thrilling, especially in early fall when surface detonation is high. Capt. Nick Kefalides, a renowned big bass fisherman, shares his techniques and tips for catching fish in shallow water lakes. He discusses baits, presentation, boat positioning, and staying weedless while pulling topwater through vegetation. This exchange of fishing knowledge helps fishers become smarter and more successful.

  • Bass Fishing Tips for Swimbaits

    2018, Bass Fishing Tips for Swimbaits

    In the heart of Alabama, where the Tennessee River meanders and forms a vast expanse of water, lies the legendary Lake Guntersville. A place where the art of bass fishing is not merely a pastime, but a way of life. The lake, with its intricate structure and diverse topography, offers a unique challenge to anglers. It's a labyrinth of creeks, valleys, ledges, and submerged points, all teeming with the prized largemouth bass. The dance between the angler and the bass is a spectacle to behold. The bass, a creature of habit, moves with the seasons, from shallow water to deeper, from creek mouths to timber beds to ledges. The angler, armed with knowledge and experience, anticipates these movements, adjusting their presentations to match the bass's behavior. One such angler is Captain Mike Gerry, a seasoned veteran of Lake Guntersville. His understanding of the lake's bottom topography, current flows, and seasonal variances in bass behavior is unparalleled. He knows when to use swimbaits, one of the most effective bass fishing lures, and when to switch to other good bass lures. His expertise is not just in knowing where the bass are, but understanding why they are there.