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Dredge Fishing for Billfish

The In The Spread dredge fishing video with Captain Glenn Cameron shares all the knowledge you need to use dredges and catch more fish. Join us as we dissect every component you need to successfully target billfish. Learn how Glenn turned the competition on it's head, as he won the Bahamas Billfish Championship utilizing dredges and light tackle.

As in some of our other fishing videos, we start with an in depth conversation with Glenn Cameron in order to establish why dredges are so important and which species you can target such as blue marlin, white marlin, black marlin and sailfish. We also look at the strategies used once they are hooked which will dictate how the fish will fight depending on which direction the line is being pulled. Glenn explains why it is sometimes better to let the line off the reel to make the fish swim towards the boat. This discussion also includes drag and drag settings as well as the difference in drag according to how much line is in the water.

Offshore Fishing as well as inshore fishing requires knowledge, having the right equipment and making sure you make the most of it. When it comes to dredge fishing, there's a lot of equipment and moving parts that need to be set up correctly in order for the dredge to function the way it is intended.

After understanding the importance of a dredge, watch as RJ Boyle dissects every component of how to successfully target billfish using dredges. RJ will also go into great detail to show you the different types of dredges and explains why some of them are more or less flexible depending on the material and length of the arms, how to rig or assemble your own dredge and also suggests which are easier to use and which are more advanced.

Learn about of dredges, baits, artificial lures, positioning the dredge, prospecting, every bit of tackle used including: pulleys, swivels, leads, hooks and even the drag settings used. That's right! It's all here. Oh, and a special guest appearance by world famous Mike Tarmey, who demonstrates how to rig dredge mullets. Mike will also show you a step by step process on rigging ballyhoo whether it is rigging ballyhoo for sailfish or for any other billfish.

RJ Boyle will go into great detail when explaining the benefits of lure skirts, squids, and dredge teaser setup. As in all our fishing videos we also cover rods and reels (Blackfin rods and LP Reels in this case) we recommend for this specific type of fishing as well as the dredge wire used based on the speed and which type of bait or artificial you are using. RJ Boyle will cover the importance of rods and how flexible they are or need to be. RJ will also explain how to use the Lindgren-Pitman S-1200 Electric Reel for dredge purposes and why it is not only his favorite but his only choice.

Learn about baits and how to use them. Know what to look for in a silver mullet and why to stay away from a black mullet (hint! bright colors are better). Is a ballyhoo dredge or mackerel better or more efficient some times? We cover that as well. How do can you tell if a mullet or ballyhoo has been brined correctly? We cover that as well. Whichever the case may be, use good quality durable bait so you have more time fishing and less time worrying about your dredge maintenance. Learn how to use fishing teasers in combination with bait. We have also included a discussion on Marlin mudflaps and other fishing teasers to catch billfish attention from far.

When properly deployed, a dredge is a deadly billfish magnet. Made to resemble a bait school, the swimming action of the tightly arrayed mullet or ballyhoo is an impressive underwater spectacle. Depending on how many teasers or baits are used and how they are spread out as well as how the dredge is distributed, you will get different results on the effectiveness of resembling a school of fish. Learning the ins and outs of dredge fishing will, without a doubt, elevate your chances of catching more fish.

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