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  • Learn How to Fill Dredge Spool
  • Dredge Fishing for Billfish

    2018, Dredge Fishing for Billfish

    Dredge fishing is a popular technique among elite tournament sailfish and marlin teams worldwide. It attracts billfish using various baits like squid teasers, mudflaps, and rigged ballyhoo. This lethal fishing technique requires proper equipment, rigged baits, and proper positioning. Learn from accomplished fishermen to fish smarter and catch more billfish.

  • Dredge Fishing for Sailfish

    2018, Sailfish - Dredges and Teasers with Squidnation

    Dredges are the gold standard for winning billfish tournaments worldwide. Squidnation, a leading fishing industry leader, is known for innovation and product development in dredges and dredge teasers. Bill Pino, an excellent angler and owner of Squidnation, shares his insights on dredges and sailfish teasers in an In The Spread fishing video. Continuous learning and smarter fishing are essential for success in billfishing.

  • Dredge Pulley Setup

    2020, Dredge Pulley Setup

    Dredge fishing is a popular method for catching billfish, including sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, and tuna. However, the dredge pulley setup is crucial for deploying and retrieving dredges without causing stress on the tackle. Modern dredges, made of stainless steel or titanium, can pull various artificial lures and dead baits.

  • Edge Fishing Largemouth Bass

    2020, Edge Fishing Largemouth Bass

    Bass fishing is a simple process that involves locating fish on edges along structure, with current, structure, grass, and the edge of a hump or drop being key factors. Even beginners can become experts with a Lowrance fish finder and mapping. Understanding the type of edge and where bass hide can help determine the best fishing location. Whether using cranking baits or perpendicular baits, mastering edge fishing is essential for successful bass fishing.

  • Dredge Fishing with Bill Pino of Squidnation

    2018, Dredge Fishing with Bill Pino of Squidnation

    Dredge fishing, an offshore technique used for sailfish and marlin, has revolutionized billfishing tournaments by showcasing a fleeing bait school. Squidnation, owned by Bill Pino, is at the forefront of this revolution, developing effective dredge baits and teasers. Pino's expertise in the sport and willingness to learn from top fishing teams have placed Squidnation at the forefront of product development and brand awareness.