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dolphin fishing weedlines and current edges in the spread video
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Dolphin Fishing Weedlines and Current Edges

When it comes to dolphin fishing weedlines and current edges are something you need to pay attention to. They are formed when two or more ocean currents collide, forming patches of weed, color changes or choppy water. These areas tend to aggregate baitfish, due to the protection afforded or because of the oxygen rich water. Even the smallest patch of grass of rip line will hold fish, so be curious and check them.

The ocean is full of visual cues, many of which can offer super productive fishing. You need to pay close attention to notice every little change in the water, as you travel to your desired dolphin fishing spot. Everyone on your boat needs to be on the look out. Grass, weed and debris in even the smallest form can hold fish. Current edges can be small or huge. Each person on your boat needs to have their eyes on the water to notice anomalies.

Weedlines can be tiny patches of grass, long lines of grass or immense fields. Various currents will push weed together forming these concentrations. As these bits of grass come together, small fish will gather for protection and to feed off the grass. This forms are food chain as bigger and bigger baitfish move in. Dolphin will also be attracted to the weedlines as a source of food.

Current edges can manifest as choppy areas in calm seas, color changes or what may look like a river flowing in the middle of the ocean. These are visual cues that you should not pass up. Many times these edges are the result of water of different temperatures colliding with each other. One side may be blue and the other green or brown. The blue water has higher levels of oxygen. Dolphin love blue water. The murky water may have higher levels of nutrients, but less oxygen. In many cases that murky water may only be a few feet deep with blue water underneath. Edges can be productive for dolphin fishing, so learn how to approach and troll them for fish.

As you travel looking for differences in the water, you need to notice what is happening on the surface of the water. Slick areas, chop, waves and grass are all areas to key in on. Check out anything out the ordinary. You should also take into account various types of grass will be more productive for dolphin fishing and other pelagic species than others. Turtle grass does not hold baitfish, so skip it. Sargasso weed is the good stuff. Know the difference.

When you notice something, pull back and make sure all your dolphin fishing gear is ready, before deploying lures of baits. A good recommendation is to have two rods rigged with strip baits or small lures. Keep it simple. Remember not to get too close to the weed or edge? This is key. Stay off 100-200 feet. Do not get too close or you will spook off the fish. At this stand off point, start your trolling into the current on the clean or blue water side. As you troll down the weed line or edge, look for bait and birds. Don't spend too much time, if you are not getting bites. You still need to get to your desired dolphin fishing spot.

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