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Chumming for Mangrove Snapper

Venice, La is such an explosive mangrove snapper fishery. The dynamic nature of the environment provides ample habitat for snapper fish. The key is the mixing of nutrient rich waters from the Mississippi River and the Gulf with all the structure that exists. Oil platforms, as a byproduct, provide the building blocks for an incredible ecosystem. Each platform draws fish of all species, serving as a refuge and the backbone of the food chain for all types of gamefish. Snapper, being a structure oriented fish, thrive around these constructs. Mangrove snapper fishing in the Gulf is as good as it gets, thus providing a great opportunity to try new things and learn new skills. Fish can push 20 lbs and average fish are 7-8 lbs. This is big for grovers. The dynamic nature of the delta creates a super vibrant snapper habitat.

Louisiana is such an interesting fishing destination. There is just such an incredible mix of current and structure. The Loop current pushes up from the Caribbean slamming into the Mississippi River. This mix of freshwater and saltwater creates an explosive nutrient rich cocktail. Then you drop in all the structure from the oil services industry. If you look at a map of the Gulf showing all the man made structures, you begin to realize how much life results from this mix of current, nutrients and structure. These are fish towns and cities. North America's most prolific fishery, if you will. Louisiana gives you the best access.

The captains, guides and fishermen who have fished these waters their whole lives are really seasoned. What I enjoy is learning as much as possible from these fishyaf cajuns. It is really hard to argue with the quality of fish you catch on these giant artificial reefs. In The Spread loves exploring these waters and sharing every bit of knowledge we can with you, so you can go out an achieve success. This is not complicated fishing. If you want to pick up a few super productive saltwater fishing tips how to catch mangrove snapper in the Gulf, this is the fishing video for you.

For this In The Spread video, we teamed up with Capt. Josh Howard, of Deep South Charters in Venice, Louisiana. Josh is a hard working fisherman. His hard work and love of the fishery is apparent. We are blessed to have been able to share time on the water with him. What you get to take away from this experience are some simple, yet lethal, strategies and tactics for chumming mangrove snapper around oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. You can use these methods on any kind of structure, not just oil rigs, so apply what you learn here to your home fishery.

Capt. Howard explains in detail what his chum consists of, his chumming techniques, how to find fish, how to work the structure, his philosophy on mangrove snapper bait presentation, fighting tactics, productive dead baits and how he assembles his mangrove snapper rigs. These fierce fighters pack a big punch for their size, so pick up some useful knowledge with this In The Spread video and put more fish in your box.

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