Streamers Dry Flies and Nymphs for Trout

September 07, 2018
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Chad Bryson, a seasoned fly fisherman, shares his knowledge on attracting trout, including hatchery trout and smaller species. In a fishing video from In The Spread, he discusses the best streamers, trout nymphs, and dry flies for trout, discussing their mimicry, natural food sources, and effectiveness. Bryson emphasizes the importance of having a strong supply of these flies for trout fishing, from Alaska to Georgia.

Chad Bryson is a fellow who has devoted a goodly portion of his existence to the art of fly fishing across the vast expanses of North and South America. The tally of trout he's managed to hook and, on occasion, let slip away, is nothing short of astonishing.

Now, as any seasoned angler will tell you, time spent on the water is the best teacher there is. And Chad, well, he's sat in that classroom more than most. His wealth of knowledge, born from countless hours casting his line, is something he's more than willing to share with any who'll listen.

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While his heart may be set on landing those big, trophy trout, Chad's not one to turn up his nose at the hatchery trout or other smaller species. He's spent a fair share of his life pursuing these less glamorous fish, and he'll tell you, any fly fisherman worth his salt ought to have a selection of reliable flies that'll attract brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout, no matter the state of the water.

Now, there's a moving picture, a sort of fishing video if you will, that's been put together by the folks at In The Spread. It's all about the top streamers, trout nymphs, and dry flies that Chad Bryson wouldn't be caught without. If you've got a hankering to learn more about the best flies for trout, you'd do well to give this informative presentation a gander.

Chad takes the time to dissect each category of streamers, nymphs, and dry flies, singling out the individual flies he's particularly fond of. He'll talk about what each fly is meant to mimic, in terms of the trout's natural food sources, and why each one is effective. There's a heap of information on a wide range of trout flies that you can incorporate into your own fishing program. All of these selections would make fine additions to your fly box, I guarantee it.

Learn what Chad’s fly fishing fly box holds and why. In this in-depth video from In The Spread, Capt. Chad Bryson, details a collection of super productive flies to use when targeting trout,of all species. “I never go trout fishing without having a strong supply of these flies. They work everywhere trout live; from Alaska to Georgia.” - Capt. Chad Bryson

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