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  • Lake Guntersville Bass Spawn Fishing

    2019, Largemouth Bass - Fishing the Guntersville Spawn

    Capt. Mike Gerry's The Spread bass fishing videos provide valuable knowledge on spawning on Lake Guntersville, focusing on three phases and identifying fish. The videos cover determining phases, presentations, prospecting, and finding bass fish nuclei, ensuring confidence and smarter fishing.

  • Fishing for Bluegill in Wilderness Springs

    2018, Bluegill - Fishing Wilderness Springs with William Toney

    Florida's freshwater springs offer a rich ecosystem with varied angling opportunities. Expert guide Capt. William Toney shares insights from the latest In The Spread fishing video, emphasizing scouting the right waters, essential gear, and successful tactics. Key attractions include panfish, bluegill, bass, and catfish.

  • Big Florida Bass with Nick Kefalides

    2024, A Guide to Freshwater Fishing in Florida

    Explore the vibrant freshwater fishing scene in Florida! Discover top species, popular fishing regions, hidden gems like lakes, springs, and rivers, and valuable tips for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

  • Seth Horne at Rowley Shoals with a long nose emperor fish

    2024, Master Any Fish - Beginner to Pro Guide with In The Spread Videos

    Explore the world of fishing with In The Spread, where expert videos guide you from beginner basics to advanced tactics. Elevate your skills, understand fish behavior, and join a community of top fishermen eager to share their passion and insights. Transform your fishing adventures with knowledge, and make every catch memorable.

  • Our New Website Is Live - Check out what’s new

    2023, Our New Website Is Live - Check out what’s new

    We’ve just launched our new look website. It’s now even easier (we hope!) to find your favorite sport fishing educational videos and discover some exciting new ones at the same time. With better navigation and more in-depth fishing information, we hope you love it as much as we do.

  • Master the Art of Angling

    2023, Master the Art of Angling

    In The Spread is a platform that combines the ancient art of fishing with the digital age, offering a wealth of knowledge from accomplished fishermen. Founded by Seth Horne, the platform aims to build confidence through the sharing of skills, techniques, and overall experience, providing a valuable resource for anglers worldwide.

  • Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    2023, Musky Fishing – Don't Limit Your Scope

    Musky fishing is often misunderstood as being set up in the north, but it is actually a "southern fish" to some. Tennessee, located to the east of the Rockies, is more elevated than Kentucky. Despite this, there is a vast amount of untapped musky water in the state. This highlights the importance of perception in both musky fishing and life.

  • Instructional Fishing Videos - The Way Forward

    2019, Instructional Fishing Videos - The Way Forward

    To succeed in the fishing industry, continuous education and learning from great fishermen is crucial. Online instructional videos like In The Spread offer high-quality streaming instruction, allowing users to learn new fishing skills and stay curious about improving. Instructors at In The Spread provide insights into species behavior and tackle for greater success.

  • Cory Allen releases a big muskie fishing in the winter

    2019, Big Muskie Fishing in the Winter

    As the new year approaches, muskies, particularly big ones, may not eat large portions of musky-size table fare due to their physiology. They are more likely caught on cross-training presentations for walleye, bass, and crappie. Bill Green's musky spinning rod line offers power and finesse.

  • musky lures from H2O Tackle

    2018, The Barbarian from H2O Tackle

    Roger Watters, owner of H20 Tackle, offers a versatile and eclectic line of baits with unique paint jobs. His baits are neutrally buoyant, allowing for various fishing techniques. Watters' designs are a testament to the art of letting function define form, making them a must-try for musky anglers.

  • Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

    2018, Open Water Muskie Fishing with Cory Allen

    Open water muskie fishing can be challenging, but expert Cory Allen teaches how to approach it. Fish are usually at geo intersect points, orienting themselves off topographical features. Learn to recognize and target suspended fish, using lures like safety pin spinner, barbarian, and swim bait, and cover areas effectively in the In The Spread video.

  • Bass Fishing Tips for Swimbaits

    2018, Bass Fishing Tips for Swimbaits

    In the heart of Alabama, where the Tennessee River meanders and forms a vast expanse of water, lies the legendary Lake Guntersville. A place where the art of bass fishing is not merely a pastime, but a way of life. The lake, with its intricate structure and diverse topography, offers a unique challenge to anglers. It's a labyrinth of creeks, valleys, ledges, and submerged points, all teeming with the prized largemouth bass. The dance between the angler and the bass is a spectacle to behold. The bass, a creature of habit, moves with the seasons, from shallow water to deeper, from creek mouths to timber beds to ledges. The angler, armed with knowledge and experience, anticipates these movements, adjusting their presentations to match the bass's behavior. One such angler is Captain Mike Gerry, a seasoned veteran of Lake Guntersville. His understanding of the lake's bottom topography, current flows, and seasonal variances in bass behavior is unparalleled. He knows when to use swimbaits, one of the most effective bass fishing lures, and when to switch to other good bass lures. His expertise is not just in knowing where the bass are, but understanding why they are there.