Muskie - Jigging Spinner Baits with Cory Allen

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Instructor: Cory Allen
Categories: Freshwater , Muskie

In The Spread fishing video, Cory Allen discusses using spinnerbaits for vertical jigging and yo-yoing for big musky. This technique is highly effective for triggering bites from suspended or neutral fish and is underutilized. Learn from the best and fish smarter with this underutilized technique.

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  • Showcases the productivity of jigging spinner baits as a muskie fishing technique.
  • Suitable for various conditions and seasons.
  • Allows for a lateral presentation with a Y-axis element of lift and fall.
  • Hybridizing casting and jigging presentations with these lures is especially effective.
  • Musky fish often suspend at various depths.
  • Emphasizes the importance of using vertical and lateral jigging techniques.
  • Cory Allen provides insights on multiple fishing methods and muskie strategies.
  • The video teaches how musky spinnerbaits can be used to trigger neutral fish.
The Art of Jigging Spinner Baits

In the world of muskie fishing, there's a technique that often remains unexplored: jigging spinner baits. Surprisingly, the terms "jigging" and "spinner baits" usually find themselves spaced far apart in discussions. Yet, combining them can lead to a powerful muskie fishing strategy, apt for diverse conditions and seasons.

In this enlightening video with the renowned Cory Allen, we dive deep into the essence of using this method. By marrying the two techniques, you're not just limited to the traditional way of casting. Instead, you unlock a dimension of lateral presentation enhanced with a Y-axis element of lift and fall. This dynamic combo ensures unparalleled control throughout your fishing experience. Although vertical jigging with spinnerbaits is impressive on its own, merging casting with jigging takes the game to an entirely different level.

Why Jigging Spinner Baits?

Musky fish have an intriguing behavior. They often suspend themselves at varied depths within the water, showing indifference to movements either above or below them. If you've ever found yourself tirelessly retrieving or trolling lures with little to no success, you're probably missing out on the magic of vertical and lateral jigging.

By harnessing the power of jigging techniques, you're offering a presentation that's hard for any musky to ignore. The diverse control spectrum within a single retrieve means your bait remains in play, ensuring that you maintain the upper hand throughout.

Cory Allen: The Freshwater Fishing Maestro

Every time Cory Allen heads out onto the waters in pursuit of muskellunge, he brings along an arsenal of fishing techniques. His adaptability is noteworthy, seamlessly transitioning between methods, especially when the fish aren't biting. What's more, Cory's generosity knows no bounds. He's open about sharing his tried and tested muskie tactics with fellow enthusiasts.

In the making of this video, even a seasoned pro like Cory discovered new insights. Watch as he leverages musky spinnerbaits to entice those neutral fish, ultimately leading to more successful hook-ups. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details." And this video reveals just how meticulous these aquatic predators can be.

Watch, learn, and elevate your muskie fishing prowess. Even Cory did.

Q: What is the main focus of the video?

A: The video showcases how jigging spinner baits is a productive muskie fishing technique across different conditions and seasons.

Q: How is hybridizing casting and jigging presentations beneficial?
A: Hybridizing these techniques with specific lures is shown to be especially effective in the video.

Q: What behavior is observed in Musky fish?
A: They tend to suspend at various depths in the water and don't react much to things above or below them.

Q: What techniques are recommended for targeting these fish?
A: Using vertical and lateral jigging techniques is recommended to target suspended Musky fish.

Q: Does Cory Allen share his personal muskie strategies in the video?
A: Yes, Cory Allen openly shares his muskie fishing strategies and tactics in the video.

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Noah Bohrer 04.11.2019


Cory Allen

Cory Allen, known affectionately as the Tennessee Muskie Authority (TMA), is the epitome of deep knowledge and expertise in the field of muskie fishing. This moniker, a witty reference to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), holds a geographical connection with the Tennessee River drainage basin. It is this very area, stretching from southwest Kentucky to north Georgia and encompassing parts of northeast Mississippi, Virginia, and North Carolina, where Allen's muskie fishing mastery shines brightest.

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