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Seth Horne

  • Master the Art of Angling

    2023, Master the Art of Angling

    In The Spread is a platform that combines the ancient art of fishing with the digital age, offering a wealth of knowledge from accomplished fishermen. Founded by Seth Horne, the platform aims to build confidence through the sharing of skills, techniques, and overall experience, providing a valuable resource for anglers worldwide.

  • Fishing Videos - Knowledge Transfer from In The Spread

    2022, Fishing Videos - Knowledge Transfer from In The Spread

    In The Spread is an online library of instructional fishing videos aimed at enhancing fishing skills for both novice and experienced fishermen. The videos cover tackle prep, boat setup, boat driving, boat positioning, locating fish, making presentations, rigs, baits, lures, philosophies, and more. The creators started making fishing videos after a career in high-performance automotive videos, aiming to provide a richer and more dynamic learning experience for fishermen.

  • Fishing Videos - Knowledge Transfer

    2021, Fishing Videos - Knowledge Transfer

    In The Spread Fishing Videos provides a comprehensive guide to fishing techniques and tactics, focusing on hard core teaching and graduate level content. By exposing fishermen to innovative techniques and gaining exposure to the latest methods, viewers can shorten their learning curve and stay abreast of well-thought-out strategies. The videos cover swordfishing, dredge fishing, planer fishing, bait and lure rigging styles, and trolling strategies for various fisheries.

  • Cory Allen with a healthy Muskie - the Freshwater Apex Predator

    2021, Muskie Fish - Freshwater Apex Predator

    The muskie fish, also known as the ski, musky, or muskellunge, is a mythical and devoted fish among anglers. Cory Allen, a musky fishing savant, teaches the importance of understanding depth and speed in catching muskie. He focuses on predictable routes between deep and shallow water, incorporating knowledge of the topography beneath the surface.

  • Seth Horne in Madeira after a day of blue marlin fishing

    2020, Seth Horne - Fishing Videos

    Seth Horne, founder, producer, and lead instructor at In The Spread, is involved in all aspects of the sport fishing videos. The company began with simple lure rigging videos in 2005, which became the highest rated and most viewed on the Marlin Magazine website. Horne sought out the best fishermen to share their expertise on film, aiming to provide a one-stop shop for fishermen interested in pure learning.

  • In The Spread Fishing

    2020, In The Spread Fishing

    In The Spread Fishing Video platform offers fishing knowledge and techniques for refining techniques or learning new ones. The platform focuses on sharing the best fishing guides, captains, and anglers' knowledge, offering context on various fish and catch methods. The library covers saltwater and freshwater fishing videos, saving time and money by providing valuable information. The platform is driven by curiosity and a desire to learn more.

  • Florida Fishing - Historic Homosassa

    2019, Florida Fishing - Historic Homosassa

    Florida is a popular inshore fishing destination, with areas like Homosassa, located on the Gulf coast, producing outstanding species like grouper, mangrove snapper, sheepshead, flounder, sea bass, and triple tail. The warm, clean waters of the Homosassa River provide shelter for cold-tolerant gamefish, resulting in a robust and diverse snook fishery. The Toney family, watermen and conservationists, have been in Homosassa for generations. Captain William Toney is a knowledgeable guide in Florida inshore fishing.

  • Instructional Fishing Videos - The Way Forward

    2019, Instructional Fishing Videos - The Way Forward

    To succeed in the fishing industry, continuous education and learning from great fishermen is crucial. Online instructional videos like In The Spread offer high-quality streaming instruction, allowing users to learn new fishing skills and stay curious about improving. Instructors at In The Spread provide insights into species behavior and tackle for greater success.

  • The Genesis of In The Spread

    2019, The Genesis of In The Spread

    In The Spread is a sport fishing TV concept founded by a passionate founder who initially focused on high-performance automotive aftermarket instructional videos. With over 150 in-depth videos on saltwater and freshwater fishing, the company aims to create the most comprehensive instructional fishing video collection globally, collaborating with top-tier fishermen for quality content.

  • Cory Allen holding a nice musky caught trolling

    2018, Trolling for Muskie

    Most anglers who venture into the world of musky fishing find themselves faced with a pivotal choice – the lady or the tiger scenario of trolling. Some dismiss it as lazy and dull, almost sacrilegious to the sport, while others swear by its effectiveness. Indeed, trolling for muskie requires a scientific approach, but too often, it gets compartmentalized, overshadowing the true artistry behind this fishing technique. We are here to rectify that misconception through this captivating In The Spread musky fishing video. In our Trolling for Muskie video, you will be taken on a journey from approaching open water to mastering advanced trolling concepts, exploring a diverse array of lure presentations. The focus is on leveraging select spinnerbaits for suspended fish casting and the unique traits of gliders made by the renowned Tim Woodyard. Additionally, twitch baits, finely customized by the same master, will be highlighted, providing invaluable insights into their optimum usage.