Live Bait for Pressured Redfish with Capt. William Toney

September 07, 2018
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Capt. William Toney, a seasoned inshore fishing guide in Homosassa, Florida, guides anglers in catching redfish under high pressure using live bait and proper tackle. He shares knowledge on tide rhythms, bait presentation, and leaders, allowing anglers to become part of the cosmic dance.


  • Capt. William Toney's Expertise: Insights into the art of catching pressured redfish in Homosassa, Florida.
  • Live Bait Strategy: Emphasis on the freshest live bait, caught on the spot for red drum fishing.
  • Bait Presentation: Critical tactics for positioning bait effectively near mangrove shorelines.
  • Tackle Selection: Guidance on choosing appropriate rods, reels, and leaders for redfish and other inshore game fish.
  • In The Spread Video: An educational resource for anglers to deepen their understanding of redfish fishing techniques.
In the world of inshore fishing, particularly when targeting elusive species like redfish or red drum, understanding the subtle interplay between predator and prey becomes crucial. Capt. William Toney, a seasoned inshore fishing guide based in Homosassa, Florida, stands out as a master in this realm. His knowledge, especially in handling pressured redfish, is not only sought after but also deeply respected within the fishing community.

The Art of Bait Presentation

In the pursuit of redfish, two factors are crucial: the choice of bait and how it's presented. Just as the arrangement of stars affects the universe, so does the way bait is prepared and placed matter in attracting redfish. The focus here is on live bait, specifically the freshest possible, caught on the spot for maximum effectiveness in appealing to redfish.

The Cover of Mangrove

Mangroves serve as the critical setting for redfish fishing. These areas, rich in natural features, offer the ideal environment for anglers to effectively engage with redfish. The way an angler approaches these shorelines is key to their success. Options include poling in, which allows for stealth and precision; drifting by, which can cover more area while presenting baits in a natural flow; or anchoring, which enables focused fishing in a specific spot. The goal in each method is to present baits in a way that is most attractive to redfish, all while maintaining the calm and balance of their natural habitat. This approach requires not just skill in fishing but also an understanding of the environment and the behavior of redfish in these areas.

Tackle for the Task

Beyond bait and location, tackle choice is another critical factor. Capt. Toney sheds light on the selection process, taking into account the need for versatility to target not only redfish but also other prized inshore species like snook and tarpon. He delves into his preferences for rods, reels, and leaders, considering the specific structures and challenges of the fishing grounds.

redfish stalking a pinfish in the sandy flats

Beyond Catching: Understanding the Fishery

For Capt. Toney and those who follow his teachings, fishing for redfish transcends the mere act of catching. It's about becoming part of the environment, syncing with the natural rhythms of the tides, mastering the subtle art of bait presentation, and embracing the patience and respect that this pursuit demands. This journey transforms the angler from a passive participant into an active performer in the fishery.

Educational Journey with In The Spread

The In The Spread video, "Redfish - Live Bait Tactics for Pressured Fish",  featuring Capt. Toney is more than just a tutorial; it's an invitation to embark on a journey through Florida inshore fishing. It's designed to accelerate the learning curve for anglers, offering a deeper, more profound understanding of the world of redfish fishing. This journey is not just about catching fish; it's about embracing the chase as a part of the larger challenge.


Capt. William Toney's insights and techniques for catching redfish represent a fusion of traditional knowledge and modern fishing strategies. By understanding and applying these methods, anglers can significantly improve their chances of success in targeting pressured redfish. This article, much like the teachings of Capt. Toney, serves as a guiding star in the vast ocean of inshore fishing, illuminating the path to becoming a more skilled and respectful angler in the pursuit of the red drum.

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