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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Black Bart International, known for producing exceptional big game fishing lures, has owner Jack Tullius as its expert. In this In The Spread fishing video, Jack discusses trolling lures, hooks, and rigging techniques for various lures, highlighting the best positions in the spread, hook sets, preferred cables, and selecting skirts. Jack also shares his knowledge on hook choices and rigging techniques, providing valuable insights for fishermen.

Description / Review / Instructor

Welcome to the first part of our series on Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Marlin Lures. This segment features an in-depth discussion with Jack Tullius, the owner of Black Bart Lures, a globally recognized purveyor of offshore trolling lures. Jack is an accomplished marlin and wahoo fisherman with a wealth of knowledge on lure shapes, hook design, and rigging techniques.

About Black Bart Lures

Black Bart Lures is renowned for its rich history and deep knowledge of lure design, rigging, and fishing. They sell and rig more lures than any other company, making them a premier source of offshore trolling lures.

Educational Fishing Video

In this instructional fishing video, RJ Boyle sits down with Jack at Black Bart in Palm Beach. They delve into a detailed analysis of big game fishing hook options, assembling hook sets, a range of Black Bart lure heads, skirting lures, and rigging marlin lures.

Innovative Hook Designs

Jack has helped develop several innovative fishing hooks that provide improved grab and hold qualities for both big and small fish. One such design is the Pa'a hook, which offers a thinner profile with the strength of a larger hook. It features a needle eye for a better transition between the connecting material and the hook, and a conical point for more puncture and less cutting. This prevents the hook from cutting into the marlin during the fight. Black Bart conducts exhaustive testing before releasing any new product to ensure optimal results.

Rigging Techniques

Jack and RJ discuss the ingredients, cable, crimps, and chafe gear that go into each Black Bart hookset. They delve into the technicalities of single hook vs. double hook sets, and the pros and cons of each. Jack also shares his insights on rigging wahoo lures, including the hook and rigs he uses and sells.

The Art of Lure Making

Jack's passion for lure making is evident as he discusses matching skirts to heads, different skirting materials, and how to skirt a 1656 marlin lure. He also shares tips on fine-tuning skirts, inserting the hook set, and using the hook lock.

Lure Head Shapes

Understanding what lures do in the water is key. Jack discusses the principles related to head shape and which style works best in each position in the spread. He explains how head shape drives a lure's swimming action and performance in different sea conditions.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways from this video are understanding which lures work best for your given fishing conditions, how to rig trolling lures properly, and how to set the stage to attract fish into your spread. After watching this, you will have a deeper appreciation for lure creation and will be a better fisherman by making the correct lure head choices based on their fishing position.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do. Remember to keep an open mind and never stop learning.


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