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Winter Musky Fish Seminar

It's a unique opportunity to get a seasoned musky angler all to yourself in a one on one setting. Even more rare is the chance to get two to sit down at the same table and do a brain dump into the same chalice. Cory Allen is a true musky hunter. His sole focus understanding muskellunge behavior and dissecting every possible viable tool that will trigger bites. Capt. Chad Bryson is a cross discipline fishing guide with loads of big fish experience in both saltwater and fresh. He guides anglers in Alaska and throughout the south. His passion is apex predator fishing on fly. Both of these fishermen are as smart as they come with resumes that others drool over. Their collective knowledge on muskellunge behavior and ecology is inspiring.

What you get in this seminar video is two extremely accomplished outspoken musky anglers challenging common practices and methodologies. You will learn how each approaches particular fisheries in the winter. They talk fishing reservoirs, lakes, big deep rivers and skinny rivers. The unique thing about fishing in the south during the winter months is it may be your best opportunity to catch a big muskie. You will learn about tackle, lures, flies, what fish relate to the winter and how to find these areas, methodologies for presenting baits and flies and all sorts of out of the box thinking.

Whether you are like throwing musky lures or musky flies, what you should focus on taking away is how the fish of 10,000 casts behaves and feeds in the winter. Muskellunge will eat flies and lures. The key is knowing where the fish will hold when the water temperature drops and what their predominant feeding behavior is. Learn how the subtle movement of a fly translates over the presenting lures and how you add that to your quiver. Cory and Chad share well thought our theories on getting fish to eat when metabolisms slow. This is a super insightful learning opportunity. Always learn from the best of the best and fish smarter.

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