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  • winter musky fishing seminar video with Cory Allen and Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie - Seminar on Wintertime Fishing in the South

    In The Spread lead freshwater instructor Cory Allen and Capt. Chad Bryson discuss musky fishing principles and tactics for winter, covering lures and fly. Winter is an ideal time to target big muskies in the south, as they are at their most rotund and have a closed season. This dynamic presentation offers a new perspective on gear and fly fishing for musky, highlighting their contrasts and correlations.

  • Biwaa Winter Musky Baits

    2019, Biwaa Winter Musky Baits

    Biwaa Lures, a unique European brand, offers unique presentation capabilities for bass anglers. Their select lures, such as the Biwaa Seven Sunfish models, have a compact but heavy-enough-to-heave casting style back-blade bait with dynamic lateral and vertical presentations. These jointed Swimbaits swim down tilted at a 45 degree angle on the fall.