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  • Musky Fishing in Deep Rivers

    2019, Muskie - Fishing Deep Rivers in the Winter

    Fishing rivers for muskies often involves navigating a uniformly deep system with no shallow to deep differentiation. Learn to break down situations effectively, targeting less obvious features in deep water, and use upstream, cross stream, and down stream tactics to maximize coverage. Utilize principles from In The Spread musky fishing video to fish smarter and fish more of the river's water column.

  • winter musky fishing seminar video with Cory Allen and Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie - Seminar on Wintertime Fishing in the South

    In The Spread lead freshwater instructor Cory Allen and Capt. Chad Bryson discuss musky fishing principles and tactics for winter, covering lures and fly. Winter is an ideal time to target big muskies in the south, as they are at their most rotund and have a closed season. This dynamic presentation offers a new perspective on gear and fly fishing for musky, highlighting their contrasts and correlations.

  • Musky Flies - Fly Tying with Chad Bryson

    2018, Muskie Flies - Fly Tying with Chad Bryson

    Chad Bryson shares a musky fly tying journey in a video from In The Spread, focusing on the Sleepy Hollow fly. He shares the necessary details for assembling the fly, including bucktail and schlappen, and other materials and tools needed for successful tying.

  • Trophy Fish Fly Tying Series

    2018, Trophy Fish Fly Tying Series

    Chad Bryson, a master of musky fly fishing, offers a step-by-step guide on tying his musky fly and trout streamers. He focuses on quality control, bucktail selection, and using only five materials. His flies are practical, functional, and durable, attracting big brown trout and other fish.

  • 2018, Muskie Fishing on Fly - Collins River

    Captain Chad Bryson, an accomplished fisherman and guide, offers a unique experience for musky fly fishing in Tennessee's Collins River. He specializes in understanding river dynamics, musky behavior, and fly creation. Bryson emphasizes patience and thoroughness in the sport, emphasizing the importance of understanding the river's secrets and utilizing the right gear. His hand-tied musky flies and techniques help anglers create an intimate connection with the muskie and the river, enhancing their success in musky fly fishing.