Wahoo - Secrets of High Speed Trolling

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Rick Redeker and RJ Boyle share their expertise on wahoo fishing, focusing on catching big wahoo. They discuss tactics, tackle expansion, and mental approach to consistently catch big fish. Rick shares information on lure colors, lead size, and water movement, while RJ emphasizes tidal windows and moon phases. This informative video will help fishers become smarter and more successful in their pursuit of wahoo.

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The amount of wahoo fishing knowledge being exchanged in this video is stunning. If this is the only video you ever watch about high speed trolling in the islands, you will be far smarter than most fishermen.

High Speed Trolling for Wahoo: Part Four

This is part four of our full-length High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video. Meet Rick Redeker as he and RJ Boyle dive deep into edge trolling for wahoo in the Bahamas. Rick operates on the down low, simply going to work and catching big wahoo. Over the years, he's made a significant name for himself in wahoo fishing, especially in the Bahamas. His expertise and success are evident in the Bahamas Wahoo Championship, where his team has often clinched victory.

Rick's Wahoo Fishing Secrets

In this information-packed video, Rick shares insights that are applicable anywhere in the Western Atlantic with an edge to fish. He's perfected the art of catching big wahoo and will share some of his secrets. With his approach, you'll learn:

  • How to find big fish.
  • Techniques to weed out smaller ones.
  • The importance of using bigger gear at faster speeds.
  • Identifying spots that hold bigger fish.
When discussing trolling speed, speeds above 14 knots are essential. Even in wahoo-rich areas, the first catch is usually smaller, with bigger fish appearing later. Key principles to focus on include:

  • Where to go.
  • How to drive the edge.
  • Handling big fish.
Rick emphasizes that most of his bigger wahoo are caught on down lines, wire lines, and deeper baits. Anglers need to be vigilant, especially since these fish often run towards the boat, leading to potential losses.

Boat Driving and Hookup

Rick also discusses the importance of boat driving during a hookup. The approach varies based on the fishing location and the presence of sharks. In shark-infested areas, it's advisable to turn offshore and move to deeper waters.

Lure Staggering and More

An intriguing part of the discussion revolves around staggering lures to prevent tangling. Rick suggests that many big fish bites occur when throttling back up, causing lures to rise in the water column.

Rapid Fire Wahoo Fishing Tips

In a quick Q&A session, Rick provides RJ Boyle with answers on various wahoo fishing aspects:

  • Lure colors.
  • Barometer choices.
  • Line types for different rods.
  • Preferred lead sizes.
  • Desired trolling depths.
  • Currents, tidal windows, and moon phases.
Rick further delves into the benefits of staying closer to the edge and the significance of water movement.

This discussion is a treasure trove of wahoo fishing knowledge. While no secrets are outright revealed, invaluable nuggets of wisdom are generously shared. Remember, this is Rick's approach, and there are various effective methods out there. Absorb this information and enhance your fishing arsenal.

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