Wahoo - Rig and Terminal Tackle for High Speed Trolling

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds discuss the wahoo rig and terminal tackle used for high-speed trolling, covering various aspects such as wire, mono, and braid. They also discuss the importance of stretch at strike, swivel types, and lead weights. The video also discusses shock cords, wire versus cable, hooks, skirts, and lure choices, with the goal of increasing catches. The insights provided are informative and will help anglers improve their techniques.

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Wahoo fishermen with a background in commercial fishing offer a unique perspective to recreational fishing. Their livelihoods hinge on their ability to catch fish, leading them to hone their methods to perfection. They often bypass the fancy wahoo fishing tackle that floods the market.

High Speed Wahoo Trolling Video - Part 6

In this segment, you'll witness a rich exchange of fishing ideas between RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds, two seasoned fishermen with extensive wahoo fishing experience. Both began their careers in commercial fishing before transitioning to recreational fishing. They emphasize the importance of having wahoo rigs prepared, especially on the terminal tackle side. Their approach to fishing is shaped by years of experience. There are myriad ways to fish, but this is their chosen method.

From Reel to Hook: The Wahoo Rig

  • Fishing Line: When setting up a wahoo rig for high-speed trolling, the type of fishing line is crucial. Options include wire, monofilament, or braid. Shawn prefers wire, especially for his short baits. He uses monofilament for his long baits and wire for his short ones. The discussion delves into the pros and cons of each type, including the challenges of using braid at high speeds.
  • Swivels: Essential for this type of fishing. Opt for ball bearing swivels that are robust, which typically means a heavier wire gauge.
  • Lead Weight: How much lead is ideal for wahoo trolling? The weight of your lures plays a significant role. Heavier lures require less lead and vice versa. The duo shares their preferences and insights on using leads with wire, painting leads, and more.
  • Shock Cord: This segment covers the purpose of the shock cord in-depth. Options include mono or cable, each with its advantages.
  • Wahoo Rig: The heart of the presentation. The discussion revolves around the use of wire vs. cable, the benefits of shrink tube, and the importance of quality materials.
  • Hooks: Stainless steel is recommended. The conversation touches on the types of hooks used, the debate between single vs. double hook sets, and more.
  • Lure Skirts: Does color matter? According to Shawn, it absolutely does. The choice of color can be influenced by what wahoos are eating and the prevailing light conditions. Tips on rigging wahoo skirts are also shared.
  • Wahoo Lures: With a plethora of ono fishing lures available, choosing the best can be daunting. Shawn and RJ reveal their favorites and discuss their unique features.

This video is a treasure trove of information. Both RJ Boyle and Shawn Olds, having spent years in commercial fishing, possess unparalleled expertise in catching wahoo. This video promises to be an enlightening watch for anyone keen on mastering the art of wahoo fishing.

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