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Instructor: RJ Boyle

High Speed Trolling video from The Spread showcases thrilling wahoo fishing action, filmed on a boat. The video highlights the importance of a frontal system and the long-lasting bites. The video also provides tips on handling wahoo, including grabbing them with gill rakers for control and snapping pictures. Enjoy the gratuitous wahoo fishing action and thank those who taught you.

Description / Review / Instructor

Enjoy some gratuitous wahoo fishing action from our full-length High Speed Trolling video. This isn't just about the thrill of reel screaming action with solid wahoo on the gaff; there are valuable insights shared throughout.

Key Highlights:

  •     Discussion Points: Why was the fishing particularly good on this day? How should you handle wahoo as they're brought into the boat?
  •     Gear Used: Both conventional reels and electric reels from Hooker Electric were in action.

The Day's Fishing Conditions

On this day, we were up against an approaching frontal system. The morning might have started off slow, but as the tide neared its end, the bite intensified. It's not uncommon for fish to be active throughout the day leading up to a front. We delve into the variables that sustain this activity.

Tips on Gaffing Wahoo

When you're ready to gaff a wahoo, aim for the head or the gill plate. Once the fish is over the gunwale and you're thinking of capturing the moment, proceed with caution. To immobilize the wahoo for photos, grab it by the gill rakers with a firm grip.

Our Fishing Gear

Our gear of choice was mostly 50W reels paired with Blackfin rods. Some outfits were equipped with Hooker Electric modules, allowing us the flexibility to either hand crank or use the electric motor. It's a handy tool for any angler.

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