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Wahoo Fishing | High Speed Trolling Cay Sal

Here is some gratuitous wahoo fishing action from our full length High Speed Trolling video. While this is mostly reel screaming action with solid wahoo on the gaff, but there are some kernels of knowledge being shared also. The will be discussion of why the fishing is so good on this day and how to handle wahoo as you bring them into the boat. You will also see us using both conventional reels and electric reels from Hooker electric.

On this fishing day, we were dealing with an approaching frontal system. The first part of the day was a bit slow, but as we neared the end of the tide, the bite turned on. Sometimes fish will be on the chew throughout the whole day prior to the front. We discuss some of the variables that keep the bite going.

When it comes to gaffing wahoo, try to gaff the fish in the head or the gill plate. Once you bring the fish over the gunwale, be careful if you want to snap a few photos. Grab the wahoo fish by the gill rakers with a firm grip. This tends to immobilize the fish.

We were fishing mostly 50W reels with Blackfin rods. On some of our outfits, we had Hooker electric modules attached, so we could either hand crank or use the electric motor. This is a great tool to have.

Remember to always give thanks to those that gave you knowledge and helped make you a better fisherman. As always, In The Spread is about information and learning.

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