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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Watch part 3 of the high speed wahoo trolling video about driving the edge. I added these parts, so you can quickly find some of the best parts of the video without having to watch the whole video. Edge trolling is difficult for a lot of fisherman. The wahoo are on the edge and that is where you need to focus your efforts. In the Bahamas the edge is hard, dropping off very quickly. It is not a straight line, but rather a zig zagging rough pattern of coral reefs. Take advantage of this short video on driving the edge featuring RJ Boyle. RJ commercial fished for much of his early life. His ability to feed his family depended on catching fish. Listen to what he is explaining. Driving the edge, as you trolling for wahoo, requires understanding how your lures move behind the boat as you drive. The boat may be in deep water, while the lures are in shallow. With a steep edge, you need to keep your lures in the right depth to get max bites. This is a crash course in edge trolling. Watch and learn how to catch wahoo driving the hard edge in the Bahamas. The principles shared here will make a difference.

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Wahoo Fishing: Understanding the Edge

Wahoo are structure-oriented fish, so in the islands much of the structure is made up of reef edges. Bait gathers onto the edge for protection or is swept out during tidal movements. This is where the wahoo fishing is best. The edge is something you need to understand.

High Speed Trolling for Wahoo
High Speed Trolling for Wahoo
High Speed Trolling for Wahoo RJ
High Speed Trolling for Wahoo RJ

Driving the Boat Along the Edge

Driving the boat along the edge is an exact science if you want to catch more fish. Your lures need to be in the right depth. Go too deep and catch nothing. Get too shallow and it's barracudas. The makeup of the edge is rather steep. The distance from the shallow part of the reef to the deeper water is short. The edge is hard, but this is where you need to be.

If you are not driving, weaving your way along the edge, you are not catching wahoo. Since the edge is not straight, you will not be driving in a straight line. The thing you have to recon is what depth are your lures as you work your way along the edge. They will go from deep to shallow and back again. It is not the depth under your boat that you have to factor in. It is where your lures are.

Key Factors in Wahoo Fishing

Understanding where along the edge wahoo will position themselves is key to knowing where you should concentrate your wahoo trolling spread.

  • Know your tides, moons, and productive spots.
  • Learn more about the intricacies of edge trolling by watching this video. RJ Boyle takes his time to break down the fundamentals, so you will know a bit more. The driving is huge, and he is a great fisherman to learn from. He spent much of his early years commercial fishing for wahoo. His livelihood depended on catching fish. Take what he is sharing and incorporate it into your action plan.
  • Learn how to catch wahoo trolling the edge.

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