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Trolling Swimming Plugs

Trolling swimming plugs or what some call lipped trolling lures is a super effective way to cover ground and get baits down to where fish may be feeding. When you have deep water structure like the edge of atolls or even oil platforms, fish will hold tight to the structure, because that is where the bait lives. You could be in deep water around man made structure or in shallow waters adjacent to a reef system. Loads of baitfish are there feeding and habituating. Of course, pelagic species and reef fish will be there to feed, also. Yellowfin tuna, wahoo, Spanish mackerel and dog tooth tuna will be the usual suspects patrolling the area.

Getting a few swimming plugs down darting around is a can't resist offering. It is having your trolling plugs down in the water column that is the difference maker. The action these sorts of lures put off attracts all the desirable fish.

This In The Spread fishing video is about trolling plugs in shallow waters around a big reef systems where there are plenty of tasty toothy critters and enough sharks that your fishing protocols call for concise presentations and angling. We offer you fishing tips on how to shorten the battle and rig lures to deal with wahoo, mackerel and dogtooth tuna.

Fishing video Host Chris Rushford, of Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures in Western Australia, takes you through his trolling setup, trolling speeds, angling practices, swimming plugs, lure rigs and tackle to do battle with any of the afore mentioned species. While it is yellowfin tuna and wahoo that we are primarily after, you must be prepared for any of the other toothy fish.

Fishing trolling lures is a great way to get quick hookups when wahoo and yellowfin tuna fishing. Tuna fight hard and with the ever present threat of sharks you really have to keep your trolling setup close. Chris will discuss how to setup a trolling spread his way, where all your lures are inside 100 feet. With your swimming plugs close, battles with yellowfin tuna, wahoo or other species can be dealt with quickly. If you run something too far back, good luck getting it to the boat. Backing the boat down also helps close the distance to the fish.

Since we are dealing with some fish that can bite you off, you will need to utilize a bite section made of wire. See how to rig wire trace leaders. We will show you the haywire twist and a few other options when wire is a must.

Learn how to rig swimming plugs and how to change lure bibs to achieve the depth you want to run your lures. Lures that don't run right, do not get eaten as much. Also consider that when you are catching fish, your lures will get chewed on. See how to fine tune them to maintain proper swimming action.

When it comes to the fishing tackle, spinning gear is being used. Spinning outfits these days are very robust. You can battle really powerful fish with quality spinning gear. We will walk you through the rods and reels used and how to get max performance out of them. Learn about spinning rod size for trolling and the stout spinning reels they are matched up with. They are spooled with 80 lb braid and 150 lb leaders. See how all the knots and connections are made and why when your drags are set high to get the fish is quickly you need solid rigging. You have to get after these fish to not reel in a fish head.

We hope you enjoy this trolling swimming plugs fishing video and take away a few helpful fishing tips that you can share with fellow fishermen. Learning from captains, crews and anglers from around the world that succeed at the highest level makes us all better fishermen. Learn from the best, use the best fishing tackle you can afford and catch the biggest fish. Don't short change yourself when it comes to learning. In The Spread fishing videos are a great way to expand your fishing knowledge.

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