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    Indian Ocean wahoo caught trolling a swimming plug

    2019, Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    This fishing video teaches valuable tips and techniques for trolling swimming plugs near reef systems or deep water with man-made structures. It covers toothy critters, setup trolling spreads, and using stout tackle. Techniques include tying haywire twists and rigging lures with wire. Fine-tuning trolling lures and changing lure bibs are also discussed. The video emphasizes the importance of learning from the best and using the best tackle for successful fishing.

  • Rigging Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    2020, Rigging Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    Trolling lures for saltwater fishing can be categorized into skirted lures, swimming plugs, and stick baits. These lures are designed to mimic the appearance of specific fish, with a bib or lip on the front that forces it down into the water column. The vibration created by the lure attracts fish to strike. The rigging technique for swimming plugs is based on the fish's size and power.