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  • Rigging Ballyhoo Aussie Style

    2020, Ballyhoo - Bait Rigging Aussie Garfish

    Ballyhoo is the standard bait for offshore fishing, suitable for various fish such as sailfish, marlin, swordfish, dolphin, wahoo, and dredge. Australian fisherman Chris Rushford shares a step-by-step rigging video for sailfish, including wax thread, hooks, crimps, pliers, compact skirts, and rigging needle. He also demonstrates making a snub leader and securing the hook. The video is concise and informative, making it a valuable resource for those interested in offshore fishing.

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    Indian Ocean wahoo caught trolling a swimming plug

    2019, Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    This fishing video teaches valuable tips and techniques for trolling swimming plugs near reef systems or deep water with man-made structures. It covers toothy critters, setup trolling spreads, and using stout tackle. Techniques include tying haywire twists and rigging lures with wire. Fine-tuning trolling lures and changing lure bibs are also discussed. The video emphasizes the importance of learning from the best and using the best tackle for successful fishing.

  • Giant Trevally Australia

    2019, Giant Trevally - Reef Fishing Tactics Rowley Shoals

    Giant trevally fishing in western Australia requires big spinning tackle and man-sized drag. Ross Newton and Chris Rushford, known for their In The Spread fishing videos, demonstrate how to catch these reef bullies on reef edges. They emphasize water safety and provide valuable tips on rigging up and catching these aggressive fish.

  • Switch Baiting Sailfish Fishing

    2019, Sailfish - Techniques for Switch Baiting

    In the Indian Ocean off Western Australia, Ross Newton, skippered by Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, shares his unique approach to switch baiting sailfish in shallow water around reef edges. Their setup is simpler than many top tournament teams, using a daisy chain with birds, squids, and a belly bait. The baits used are garfish or ballyhoo rigged with circle hooks and compact skirts. The video provides a detailed presentation of the unique bait and switch fishing techniques used in western Australia.

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    Sailfin Snapper Fishing

    2019, Sailfin Snapper Fishing

    Reef fishing offers opportunities to catch various gamefish, including ultra light tackle species and donkeys. The sailfin snapper, native to Indo/Pacific waters, is a rare and hard-to-find fish. Ross Newton and Chris Rushford, skilled in light tackle fishing, target pelagic, reef, and backcountry fish regularly. Learning from experienced fishermen at Reef Donkey Village, including Rowley Shoals, is essential for success in this sport.

  • Rigging Marlin Fishing Lures and Terminal Connections

    2019, Blue Marlin - Rigging Lures and Terminal Connections

    The Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures crew engages in diverse fishing activities, including offshore trips, trolls, and backcountry expeditions for barramundi. Their rigs and terminal connections must be sound to catch big fish in Western Australia. Captain Ross Newton, a skilled big game fisherman, uses a unique stiff rig system. Chris Rushford, a skilled fishing instructor, will demonstrate the rig's use in marlin fishing.

  • coral trout caught by Thomas Hilton jigging soft plastics at Rowley Shoals on a jig head rigged with a soft plastic

    2019, Reef Fishing - Jigging Soft Plastics

    Soft plastics rigged on the right jig head can create an irresistible presentation for big predatory reef fish. Learn from experienced fishermen to improve your fishing skills. Chris Rushford, of Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, shares his jig fishing techniques, tackle, and soft plastic lures for reef fishing. Rig jigs for optimal swimming action and use the right jig heads, rod, spinning reel, line, leader, and knots to catch big fish.

  • Reef Fishing Coral Trout

    2019, Coral Trout - Reef Fishing

    Reef fishing in the Indo/Pacific is a serious business, with coral trout being a popular species. Chris Rushford and Ross Newton, from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures, share their playbook on fishing for coral trout, discussing techniques, lures, and boat operation. They cover water movement, lure choice, cadence, lure size, color, rods, reels, and tackle. The wealth of experience in reef fishing makes learning easy. The video can be applied to other programs and helps fish smarter.

  • Reef Fishing for Giant Trevally

    2019, Giant Trevally - Reef Fishing from the Mothership

    In the Spread fishing video, Chris Rushford teaches techniques for casting lures to reef edges from a big boat. He emphasizes boat positioning, dissecting reef systems, and accurate casting. He shares his tackle, line, connections, and lures for successful fishing with GT's or giant trevally.

  • Fishing is About Learning - So Never Stop

    2019, Fishing is About Learning - So Never Stop

    Fishing requires a deep understanding of the fishery and techniques, and learning from other experienced fishermen can change your perspective. Interacting with fishermen from around the world broadens your horizon and allows for knowledge exchange, regardless of skill level. Observing variation and incorporating tips from others can help grow as an angler.

  • Rowley Shoals Fishing - Learn the Reef

    2019, Rowley Shoals Fishing - Learn the Reef

    The In The Spread team is exploring the shelf atoll of Rowley Shoals, 150 miles off Australia's west coast, for reef and offshore fishing. They'll use Tom Hilton's Realtime Navigator and satellite imagery to find fishable areas, including blue marlin, black marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and wahoo. They'll film for new fishing videos.