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Saltwater Fishing Trolling Lures with Roddy Hays

Between Roddy Hays and RJ Boyle there is a load of worldwide offshore fishing experience, especially for big game pelagic species. These big game fishermen have spent a lifetime catching blue marlin, wahoo and tuna in destinations like Madeira, the Azores, Bermuda, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Bahamas and Australia. The amount of time on the water pulling baits and lures translates into lots of trolling lure wisdom. What head shapes work best in what conditions for what species? Those are some of the questions that will be addresses in this In The Spread fishing video.

Roddy Hays is brilliant. He is a true innovator, a bit elusive, but very crafty and quite open about sharing his knowledge. He has roamed to oceans fishing for big fish and setting word records. In the process, his mind was always searching for ways to make the art of angling easier. His lure designs are cutting edge and often misunderstood. What he does for you in this video is set out a general assortment of lure heads and then walk you through each of them one by one. He and RJ examine how each design performs in the water, under calm and rough sea conditions. Then they discuss where each best suited to swim in the different spread positions.

It is interesting to watch and listen as these two big game fishermen dissect different trolling lure head shapes. The long head lures that are run in the shotgun position offer unique hookup characteristics. Cupped heads will dig and surge as they carve their way through the water. What does adding jets do the relieve the pressure of on the lure? You will learn all about this. Slant head lure or super plungers, which originated with Hawaiian lure developers, are one of the most versatile and productive shapes you can run. What you will gain from this offshore fishing video is a unique perspective on how certain shapes and sizes work in the spread, the ideal sea conditions to run them in and how changing rigger positions effects action. You will also learn how the length and contour of the length of a lure head determines how the lure swims.

For the beginner, RJ selects several lures that he likes for an offshore trolling spread when targeting blue marlin. See which heads he like for each position. This is a deep dive into why cupped face, slant heads, tubes and bullets all work well at various times and for various fish.

Design dynamics has so much to do with a lures swim characteristics. Quality craftsmanship is critical to a bait running true. Watch and learn from two great fishing minds as they share thoughts and experiences on what has worked for them around the world. Year in and year out, certain lures always catch fish. Know a little more when it comes to making your selections. Never stop learning.

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