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  • 2023, Marlin Fishing - Lure Spread Setup - Kona Style

    Explore the thrilling world of marlin fishing in Hawaii. Learn from experts Kevin Hibbard and Kris Ishibashi on setting the perfect lure spread and mastering Omni sonar for the ultimate catch.

  • hooks for blue marlin

    2023, Hooks for Blue Marlin

    Dive into the diverse world of hooks for blue marlin fishing with Captain Kevin Hibbard. Discover the revolutionary Sta-Stuk hook design and navigate through various hook types to find the perfect match for your offshore fishing. Your journey to mastering the art of hook selection in marlin fishing begins here.

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    Blue Marlin Fishing | Tackle with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Fishing Tackle with Kevin Hibbard

    Captain Kevin Hibbard, a seasoned marlin fishing captain, shares his expertise on chasing and catching big marlin. He has tested various rods, reels, and line, and provides insights on reels, backing, mainlines, drag, drag settings, usage, custom rods, and custom cuts. Hibbard's unique ability to articulate his approach makes him a smarter fisherman. By listening to his insights, you can become a more effective marlin fisherman.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing - Trolling with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Trolling Technique with Kevin Hibbard

    Kevin Hibbard shares his expert tips for marlin fishing, using water temperature, currents, and bait schools to identify productive patches. He also discusses interpreting tuna and porpoises' signals and trolling marlin positions relative to schools. Hibbard's insights on troll structure and trolling tactics can be applied to any fishery, making him one of the best marlin fishing captains globally.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing - Trolling Lures with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Trolling Lures with Kevin Hibbard

    Captain Kevin Hibbard, a marlin expert, shares his knowledge of trolling and lures in a marlin fishing video. He discusses lure patterns, swimming cycles, and proper lure choices based on sea conditions. Hibbard's expertise in rigs, leader material, and natural bend and memory of leaders adds value to his fishing skills.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing

    2021, Blue Marlin - Fishing Kona with Kevin Hibbard

    Discover valuable insights on targeting blue marlin from Captain Kevin Hibbard, a Kona fishing pro. Learn about feeding times, fish movements, water conditions, currents, and structure, as well as the differences between bait and lure fishing. Kevin's calm approach allows you to learn from his experience and become a smarter fisherman.

  • Fighting Chair Technique

    2018, Big Game Fighting Chair Technique

    Learn proper technique for using a fighting chair to become a smarter fisherman. In The Spread fishing videos provide valuable knowledge to avoid injuries and maximize your fishing experience.

  • Offshore Fishing for Blue Marlin

    2018, Blue Marlin - Lures and Spread Setup with David Brackmann

    David Brackmann, a skilled marlin fishing instructor, shares his expertise in setting up a marlin spread for targeting blue marlin. He demonstrates various lure types, deployment, optimal position, and managing the spread throughout the day. David also discusses dacron tag lines and cool up ratios for marlin lure swimming. The detailed presentation covers leader, connections, lure dynamics, hook sets, and rigging tips, empowering fishermen to fish smarter and more effectively.

  • 2018, Trolling Lures - Offshore Fishing Basics with Roddy Hays

    Roddy Hays and RJ Boyle discussed trolling lures for marlin, wahoo, and tuna, discussing preferences, performance, and sea conditions. They discussed long head, cupped face, slant heads, super plungers, tubes, and bullets, offering valuable perspectives for smarter fishing.

  • big blue marlin jumping out of the water

    2023, Top Blue Marlin Fishing Destinations for Big Fish

    The majestic blue marlin holds a special allure for sport fishermen seeking trophy catches. We explore prime destinations worldwide for encountering these aquatic titans, from the Azores' bountiful seas to the unspoiled waters of remote Vanuatu. Experience the thrill of the chase across the globe.

  • Marlin Fishing - Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Marlin Fishing - Kevin Hibbard

    The author shares their experience with talented fishermen, particularly Kevin Hibbard, who is known for his ability to teach and share their knowledge. They emphasize the importance of working with subject matter experts, and when filming marlin fishing in Hawaii, Hibbard was chosen due to his expertise in trolling lures for big fish.

  • David Brackmann explains a Marlin Lure Spread

    2020, Marlin Lure Spread

    A marlin lure spread is a crucial aspect of fishing, attracting blue marlin. It involves setting up a proper spread, deciding on the order and lures to use. The author, who has experienced fishing in various destinations, believes in learning from successful fishermen. The author aims to help anglers become more aware of the variables involved in a marlin lure spread, fostering a deeper understanding of the sport.

  • Marlin Fishing - David Brackmann

    2018, Marlin Fishing - David Brackmann

    David Brackmann's approach to marlin fishing is a blend of art and science, focusing on the selection of lures, understanding the lure's swimming cycle, and positioning on the wave. He also discusses lure positions, leader, connections, lure dynamics, and rigging tips. Brackmann's passion for the sport and willingness to share knowledge make him an invaluable resource for anglers seeking to improve their skills and increase their chances of catching the blue marlin.