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top brown trout lures in the spread fishing video chad bryson
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Top Brown Trout Lures

Captain Chad Bryson is well versed in the art of fishing for big trout. We are talking primarily brown trout. Chad has fished from Florida to Alaska to Argentina and Chile and a multitude of locales in between. He has made fishing for trophy trout his mission. He knows their behavior and what types of presentations trigger bites. For this In The Spread fishing video, Chad is best fishing lures for trout. Remember, when I say trout, I am referring to trophy sized fish that are measured in pounds not inches.

In order to understand how to catch big brown trout, you have to identify what they eat. Because, on those days when you can't go out and swing a fly (or maybe you don't even involved yourself with trout fly fishing), you need to be prepare to break out the gear and cast trout fishing lures. So, you need to drill down on what these fish eat.

It may be hard for some brown trout fishing anglers to wrap their heads around this, but the type of fish we are talking about are no longer eating bugs or small invertebrates. They have switched over to eating protein. They need food that is going to propel their growth up to that 12-15 lb mark you are gunning for.

Again, Chad Bryson is talking about fishing for big trout and how to catch them with trout fishing lures. You will hear Chad talk about what they eat. Baby trout, shad, perch, mice are all on the menu for these bigger fish. Then he will break down his best top 5 trout fishing lures and why he has success with each. This is a very straight forward discussion that will give you some added tools for your next day out on the water. Keep in mind, with this type of fishing, you may catch only 1 to maybe 2 fish in a day, but they will be the right fish. Take what Chad is sharing, add it to your base of knowledge and fish smarter.

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