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tilefish bottom fishing in the spread chad raney
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Tilefish Bottom Fishing with Chad Raney

Fishing for golden tilefish, blueline tilefish or any type of tilefish comes down to putting baits on the bottom, several hundred feet below the surface, and drifting them along the right bottom substrate. The unique aspect of tilefish ecology is the type of bottom where that create their burrows. Yes, burrows. Tilefish hollow out a tunnel like hole in the soft clay bottom and they will do this in colonies of the tilefish neighbors.

Where and how this species lives creates a few advantageous scenarios for fishermen. Because this unique fish lives in areas where the bottom is soft and relatively void of hard structure to get your bait rig snagged, you can drop with impunity. Since tilefish also live in colonies, the baits you do manage to get in the neighborhood have a far better chance of swimming past the front door of a hungry tilefish.

Tiles are super territorial, so the will come out of their holes to investigate almost any disturbance. Your bait rig slamming into the bottom stirs their interest and the smell of your bait triggers the bite. It's just about that simple. The tricky part is maintaining position over the ideal bottom and dropping your bait rig 600-800 feet, up to a 1,000 feet or more depending on your location, down to the bottom. With tilefishing, your bait has to be on the bottom or you will not get action. Tilefish do not wonder far from the safety of the burrow. With you presentation on the bottom, you now must drift it thru the colony.

Captain Chad Raney is one S. Florida's best fishermen. He owns and operates the custom 43 ft. sportfish Old Hat. His approach may appear cavalier, but his tactics are lethal. Chad's simple style makes learning what he has to share that much easier. He has taken the time over the years to distill his fishing for tilefish down to a base level. This fishing video puts you front and center as Chad articulates how to drop baits for tilefish under a difficult low current environment.

Current is always a factor, whether you have it or not, so knowing how to manufacture current when there is very little can be the difference between success and failure. You need to cover ground with your baits. Learn how to succeed at tilefishing with the knowledge Chad Raney shares.

You will learn about the type of bottom you need to fish to catch tilefish and how to find it. Once over good bottom, Chad will show the bait rig he uses, the baits and how to bait it then demonstrates the drop. Managing your drop is critical. The type of bait you use is also super important. To a large extent, tilefish are scent driven predators. You bait must have the right scent. The fishing reels, rods, how the rig is made, hooks for tilefish, rig components, how much weight to use, the mechanics of dropping and drifting.

With the knowledge offered in this fishing video, fishing for tilefish is made doable by any fisherman. Take advantage of Chad Raney's expertise and level up your bottom fishing skills.

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