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    Tilefish Bottom Fishing Techniques

    2022, Golden Tilefish - Bottom Fishing Techniques

    Tilefish fishing is a challenging sport that involves dropping heavily weighted bait rigs hundreds of feet to the ocean bottom. With minimal chance of getting stuck in the mud, the biggest challenge is contending with current and keeping bait on hooks. Experts like Captain Chad Raney, owner of Old Hat, teach basic mechanics and techniques for finding, fishing, and managing current. Tilefish are a unique and delicious eating fish with a dense, flaky, and white meat.

  • Bottom Fishing for Tilefish

    2019, Golden Tilefish - Bottom Fishing South Florida

    In the Spread fishing video, learn to catch golden tilefish in south Florida's waters by locating ideal bottom mud, using effective baits, rigging, making rigs, and drifting. Discover the importance of recognizing bites and trigger additional bites to become a smarter bottom fisherman.