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    Tilefish Bottom Fishing Techniques

    2022, Golden Tilefish - Bottom Fishing Techniques

    Tilefish fishing is a challenging sport that involves dropping heavily weighted bait rigs hundreds of feet to the ocean bottom. With minimal chance of getting stuck in the mud, the biggest challenge is contending with current and keeping bait on hooks. Experts like Captain Chad Raney, owner of Old Hat, teach basic mechanics and techniques for finding, fishing, and managing current. Tilefish are a unique and delicious eating fish with a dense, flaky, and white meat.

  • Golden Tilefish -Biology of a Deep Water Delicacy

    2023, Golden Tilefish -Biology of a Deep Water Delicacy

    The golden tilefish is a marine fish species found in the western Atlantic Ocean, known for its vibrant coloration and unique appearance. Its elongated body and elongated dorsal fin make it a popular commercial and recreational species. They primarily feed on invertebrates and are regulated to prevent overfishing and maintain a sustainable population.

  • 2022, Tilefish 101 - Fishing for The Clown of The Sea

    The United States has numerous fish species, including tilefish, which are popular among commercial and recreational fishermen. Tilefish are marine fish found in shallow waters near coral reefs. They come in various types, including the largest Golden Tilefish, Blueline Tilefish, Yellow Tilefish, and Purple Tilefish. These species are abundant and popular, with a delicate, sweet flavor.

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    Tilefish - Habitat Driven Delicacies

    2021, Tilefish - Habitat Driven Delicacies

    Tilefish, a popular deep water reef fish, are small marine fish found in sandy soft bottom areas near coral reefs. There are 40 species, with golden tilefish and blueline tilefish being the most popular. Five species make up over 97% of the catch by weight in the southeastern United States' deepwater fishery. Tilefish are known for their mild sweet flavor and flaky texture, and are low in sodium.