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  • Arthur Bjontegard holds an amberjack caught vertical jigging with In The Spread

    2023, Bottom Fishing - Dropping Baits and Vertical Jigging

    Bottom fishing over deep offshore structure puts you in the strike zone for monster fish. Drifting and vertical jigging with optimal tackle allows you to thoroughly work ledges, wrecks, and rock piles. Match your rigging, lure choice, and presentation to the conditions to unlock the secrets of deep dropping success.

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    Tilefish Bottom Fishing Techniques

    2022, Golden Tilefish - Bottom Fishing Techniques

    Tilefish fishing is a challenging sport that involves dropping heavily weighted bait rigs hundreds of feet to the ocean bottom. With minimal chance of getting stuck in the mud, the biggest challenge is contending with current and keeping bait on hooks. Experts like Captain Chad Raney, owner of Old Hat, teach basic mechanics and techniques for finding, fishing, and managing current. Tilefish are a unique and delicious eating fish with a dense, flaky, and white meat.

  • Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper

    2021, Bottom Fishing - Red Snapper with Kevin Adney

    Discover red snapper, grouper, and other species by bottom fishing. Use a "In The Spread Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper" video for detailed tactics, rig setups, and fish preservation tips. If hard bottom isn't marked, drop baits and observe if you get bitten. The video covers rigs, baits, fishing tactics, drag management, and fish preservation.

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    Bottom Fishing for Grouper

    2021, Bottom Fishing - Grouper with Kevin Adney

    Bottom fishing for grouper involves targeting the right sea floor structure, such as natural reefs and wrecks off Florida's west coast. Instructor Kevin Adney shares his simple drift management approach for success. The beauty of bottom fishing is the unpredictable nature of the bites, allowing anglers to tailor their offerings accordingly.

  • big mutton snapper caught by Seth Horne

    2024, Mutton Snapper Fishing - Tips, Techniques, and Strategies

    Unlock the secrets of Mutton Snapper fishing with our in-depth guide. Learn about prime habitats, effective techniques, and the best baits and tackle for targeting these elusive game fish. Discover tips on finding, hooking, and landing Mutton Snapper, along with insights on regulations and sustainability. Elevate your angling skills and increase your chances of success.

  • Golden Tilefish -Biology of a Deep Water Delicacy

    2023, Golden Tilefish -Biology of a Deep Water Delicacy

    The golden tilefish is a marine fish species found in the western Atlantic Ocean, known for its vibrant coloration and unique appearance. Its elongated body and elongated dorsal fin make it a popular commercial and recreational species. They primarily feed on invertebrates and are regulated to prevent overfishing and maintain a sustainable population.

  • Kevin Adney holding red grouper caught Bottom Fishing

    2023, Bottom Fishing – Know the Basics

    Bottom fishing is a popular saltwater fishing technique that targets specific species of fish near the bottom of a body of water, such as grouper, snapper, and tilefish. It is an effective method compared to other methods like trolling or casting, and can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time on the water.

  •  Bottom Fishing - Be Smart About It

    2023, Bottom Fishing - Be Smart About It

    Bottom fishing and deep dropping are similar techniques targeting fish near the ocean's bottom, but differ in depth and gear. Bottom fishing targets shallower fish like snapper and grouper using traditional gear, while deep dropping targets deeper-dwelling species like tilefish and golden tilefish using specialized gear and electric reels.

  • Daytime Swordfishing - Advanced Deep Dropping Made Easier

    2021, Daytime Swordfishing - Advanced Deep Dropping Made Easier

    Swordfish fishing has become a popular form of offshore fishing, with fishermen of all skill levels now boating swordfish. The introduction of instructional fishing videos like In The Spread has made it easier to deep drop baits to the ocean bottom during the day, making it more accessible to everyday fishers. Although it requires specific tackle and time investment, the rewards are well worth it.

  • Golden Tilefish caught deep dropping

    2021, Golden Tilefish - Deep Dropping for Good Eats

    Golden tilefish are easy to find and prospect in due to their unique habitat in mud bottom zones. They prefer to stay in the mud, making them difficult to mark on a machine. By bouncing lead in the mud, they stir curiosity. Tilefish have remarkable coloration and a large, toothy mouth for crushing bottom creatures, resulting in a unique lobster-like taste. Their flesh is snow white with a fine flake.

  • Tilefish - Fishing for Lobster By Another Name

    2021, Tilefish - Fishing for Lobster By Another Name

    Tilefish are a popular species for fishing during sunny days, feeding on various crustaceans and crustaceans. Their meat has a shellfish-like texture and flavor, similar to lobster or crab. They prefer soft sand and mud, making deep dropping easy. The fish is popular in Northeast, Florida, Gulf, and Texas, with ideal depths of 600-800 feet in South Florida.

  • Daytime Swordfishing - Gladiators of the Deep

    2020, Daytime Swordfishing - Gladiators of the Deep

    Daytime swordfishing involves deep dropping baits to depths over 1,000 feet, often requiring slow movement and a modified bottom jigging technique. With little current, it's easier to hit the bottom. However, current can hinder the process, so steering the tide is crucial. Daytime swordfishing is fun, time-consuming, and tiring, but can be exhilarating when the bite is on.