Swordfishing - Techniques for Hand Crank with RJ Boyle

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Anglers can choose between electric reels or hand cranking swordfish for a more sporty experience. RJ Boyle, an accomplished swordfishing angler, demonstrates how to deploy baits, drive the hook, and capture swordfish. He covers tackle, breakaway rig deployment, hook drive, and capturing the fish, allowing anglers to confidently go to swordfish grounds and become smarter fishers.

Description / Review / Instructor

The In The Spread Hand Cranking Swordfish video is a must-watch for sport fishing enthusiasts, record seekers, or those who want to be IGFA (International Game Fish Association) compliant. This is our fourth daytime swordfishing video, detailing the manual hand crank approach to offshore fishing. This method is not easy, but it's also not that difficult if you know the basics.

Preparatory Videos

If you haven't seen the daytime swordfish or the bait rigging videos, go back and watch them. Those videos are super comprehensive. You will learn about current, wind, tides, boat setup, the baits and how to rig them, dropping and drifting the bait, recognizing the bite, fighting fish, and how to handle them once they are next to the boat.

Hand Cranking Broadbill Video

In this hand cranking broadbill video, Florida swordfishing expert RJ Boyle takes you through the tackle, every step of how to drop and deploy the bait using two rods, break the lead free, and fight the fish to the boat. This is a must-watch video for daytime swordfish anglers.

Fishing Tackle

When it comes to the fishing tackle, keep it simple. In the video, RJ starts by detailing the daytime broadbill fishing rig. You will know exactly how it is put together and why he uses each component. He will then discuss the rods and reels you need. You will have one setup for the bait rod and one for the down rigger rod.

Rods and Reels

You will learn about the length and action for the bait or hand crank rod, along with why he has the specific line guides on his rod. He covers the size reel he is using, the braided line and monofilament it is spooled with, and the drag settings. For the down rigger rod with the electric reel, you will see what he is using and why. The Hooker electric reel has a removable module that allows you to convert it to a pure hand crank reel. This is very useful. The rod is also covered in complete detail. Once the rods and reels are dissected, you will see how to setup the break away rig and how to connect the two lines for deployment. This is all really straightforward. Watch and learn.

Deploying the Bait

Deploying the bait can seem difficult, but it really is not. Catching swordfish this way is awesome. Watch to see how to drop both outfits simultaneously, so you can get the bait and the lead to the bottom without getting tangled. The way you drive the boat while doing this is critical. Your drag settings for the bait rod are highlighted, so it does not break loose from the release clip before getting to the bottom. How many anglers are needed for this type of fishing? You will see.

After Bait Deployment

Once you have the bait on the bottom, what do you do. Should you break the weight loose from the release clip or wait for the bite. We will explain everything in absolute detail. This is a step-by-step hand cranking swordfish video.

The Bite

When it comes to the bite, you have to really drive the hook. This is the hard part. How much drag should you apply to drive the hook? How do you break off the lead? How much drag should you use to fight the broadbill swordfish?

It is all in this video. Watch it now and learn how to catch swordfish by hand cranking them.

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