Swordfishing - Techniques for Hand Crank with RJ Boyle

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Anglers can choose between electric reels or hand cranking swordfish for a more sporty experience. RJ Boyle, an accomplished swordfishing angler, demonstrates how to deploy baits, drive the hook, and capture swordfish. He covers tackle, breakaway rig deployment, hook drive, and capturing the fish, allowing anglers to confidently go to swordfish grounds and become smarter fishers.

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Video Summary:

  • Learn the essential techniques for hand cranking swordfish
  • Discover the ideal tackle setup for successful swordfishing
  • Master the art of deploying bait and recognizing bites
  • Gain insights from Florida swordfishing expert RJ Boyle
  • Become IGFA compliant and pursue record-breaking catches

For swordfishing enthusiasts, record seekers, or those aspiring to be IGFA (International Game Fish Association) compliant, the "In The Spread Hand Cranking Swordfish" video is a must-watch. This comprehensive guide, the fourth installment in our daytime swordfishing series, delves into the manual hand crank approach to offshore fishing. While not easy, mastering the basics can make this method accessible to determined anglers.

Preparatory Swordfish Videos

Before diving into the world of hand cranking swordfish, it is crucial to build a strong foundation by reviewing our comprehensive daytime swordfish and bait rigging videos. These essential resources provide in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics that will enhance your overall swordfishing experience.

In the daytime swordfish video, you'll gain valuable insights into the factors that influence success, such as current, wind, and tides. Understanding how these elements interact and impact your fishing strategy is key to maximizing your chances of landing a trophy swordfish.

The video also covers boat setup, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the challenges of offshore fishing. From the optimal layout of your gear to the necessary safety equipment, you'll learn how to create an efficient and secure environment on your vessel.

Bait selection and rigging are critical components of any successful swordfishing trip. Our bait rigging video provides step-by-step guidance on choosing the right bait and properly rigging it to entice swordfish strikes. You'll discover the most effective rigging techniques, as well as tips for maintaining bait freshness and presentation.

Once your bait is in the water, understanding how to drop and drift it effectively can make all the difference. The daytime swordfish video covers the best practices for presenting your bait, including the ideal depth, speed, and positioning relative to structure and currents.

Recognizing a swordfish bite is an art form in itself, and our video breaks down the subtle signs to look for, as well as how to distinguish between a genuine strike and a false alarm. You'll learn how to set the hook and initiate the fight, laying the groundwork for a successful catch.

Fighting a swordfish is an exhilarating experience, but it also requires skill, finesse, and endurance. The daytime swordfish video provides valuable tips on managing the fight, from setting the drag to employing various angling techniques to tire the fish and bring it boat-side.

Finally, knowing how to handle a swordfish once it is alongside your boat is essential for the safety of both the angler and the fish. Our video demonstrates the best practices for gaffing, securing, and properly handling your catch, ensuring a successful release or harvest.

By thoroughly reviewing these daytime swordfish and bait rigging videos, you'll lay the groundwork for a successful hand cranking swordfishing adventure. Equipped with this knowledge, you'll be better prepared to tackle the challenges and enjoy the rewards of this thrilling pursuit.

Hand Cranking Broadbill Video

In this invaluable video, renowned Florida swordfishing expert RJ Boyle shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, guiding viewers through every aspect of hand cranking for broadbill swordfish. From tackle selection to the intricacies of bait deployment and fish fighting, RJ leaves no stone unturned in his quest to educate and inspire daytime swordfish anglers.

The video begins with a comprehensive overview of the tackle required for successful hand cranking. RJ discusses the ideal rod and reel setups, including the specific characteristics to look for in each component. He also delves into the importance of line selection and provides recommendations for the best braided and monofilament options.

One of the most critical aspects of hand cranking for swordfish is the deployment of the bait, and RJ's video provides a masterclass on this topic. He demonstrates how to effectively use two rods to drop and deploy the bait, ensuring that it reaches the desired depth without tangling. RJ's step-by-step guidance is easy to follow, making this challenging technique accessible to anglers of all skill levels.

Breaking the lead free is another crucial step in the hand cranking process, and RJ explains the timing and technique required to execute this maneuver flawlessly. By mastering this skill, anglers can maximize their chances of hooking and landing a trophy broadbill.

Once a swordfish is hooked, the real challenge begins. RJ's video provides invaluable insights into the art of fighting these powerful fish, from setting the drag to employing various angling techniques to tire the fish and bring it boat-side. His expert guidance will help anglers of all skill levels improve their fish-fighting abilities and increase their success rates.

Throughout the video, RJ's passion for swordfishing is evident, and his engaging presentation style makes the information easy to digest and apply. Whether you're a seasoned swordfish angler or a newcomer to the sport, this hand cranking broadbill video is a must-watch resource that will undoubtedly enhance your skills and increase your enjoyment of this thrilling pursuit.

Fishing Tackle for Swordfish

In his hand cranking broadbill sowrdfish video, RJ Boyle emphasizes the importance of keeping your fishing tackle simple and streamlined. By focusing on the essentials and understanding the purpose of each component, anglers can create a highly effective setup that maximizes their chances of success.

RJ begins by providing a detailed breakdown of the daytime broadbill fishing rig. He explains how each element works together to create a cohesive and efficient system, from the main line and leader to the hooks and swivels. By understanding the role of each component, anglers can make informed decisions when selecting their gear and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Next, RJ discusses the specific rods and reels required for hand cranking swordfish. He recommends a two-rod setup, with one rod dedicated to the bait and the other serving as the downrigger rod. This approach allows anglers to effectively deploy and monitor their bait while maintaining the ability to quickly respond to strikes.

For the bait rod, RJ suggests a sturdy, medium-heavy action rod paired with a high-capacity reel. This combination provides the necessary strength and line capacity to handle the demands of hand cranking, while still allowing for a responsive and sensitive feel.

The downrigger rod, on the other hand, is designed to carry the weight of the bait and leader, allowing for precise depth control and easy deployment. RJ recommends a stout, heavy-action rod paired with a reel capable of holding a significant amount of braided line.

By following RJ's guidance on tackle selection and setup, anglers can create a reliable and efficient system that is well-suited to the challenges of hand cranking for swordfish. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, this approach allows anglers to concentrate on the task at hand and maximize their chances of landing a trophy broadbill.

The Rods and Reels in Detail

In his comprehensive hand cranking broadbill video, RJ Boyle delves into the intricacies of tackle selection and setup, providing anglers with the knowledge they need to create an optimal swordfishing rig.

For the bait or hand crank rod, RJ discusses the ideal length and action, explaining how these factors influence the rod's performance and sensitivity. He also highlights the importance of the specific line guides on his rod, detailing how they contribute to smooth line flow and reduced friction.

When it comes to the reel for the bait rod, RJ covers the size and model he prefers, along with the braided line and monofilament it is spooled with. He explains the reasoning behind his choices, providing valuable insights into the factors that contribute to a well-balanced and effective setup. Additionally, RJ shares his recommended drag settings, ensuring that anglers can apply the appropriate amount of pressure when fighting a swordfish.

Moving on to the downrigger rod, RJ showcases his setup, which includes an electric reel. He explains the advantages of using an electric reel for this application, highlighting its ability to quickly and efficiently deploy the bait to the desired depth. RJ specifically recommends the Hooker electric reel, which features a removable module that allows for conversion to a pure hand crank reel. This versatility is particularly useful, as it enables anglers to adapt to changing conditions and preferences.

The rod for the downrigger setup is also covered in complete detail, with RJ discussing the optimal length, action, and other key characteristics that contribute to its performance. By understanding the reasoning behind each component of the downrigger setup, anglers can make informed decisions when selecting their own gear.

Finally, RJ demonstrates how to set up the breakaway rig and connect the two lines for deployment. This crucial step is essential for ensuring that the bait is presented correctly and that the rig functions as intended. By following RJ's clear and concise instructions, anglers can master this process and increase their chances of success on the water.

Throughout the video, RJ's expertise and passion for swordfishing are evident, and his explanations are easy to follow and understand. By watching and learning from this comprehensive resource, anglers of all skill levels can elevate their tackle selection and setup game, ultimately leading to more productive and enjoyable swordfishing adventures.

Deploying the Bait

Deploying the bait is a critical aspect of hand cranking for swordfish, and while it may seem daunting at first, RJ Boyle's video demonstrates that it is actually a manageable process. By following his expert guidance, anglers can learn how to effectively deploy their bait and increase their chances of hooking a trophy broadbill.

One of the key techniques RJ showcases is dropping both the bait and downrigger outfits simultaneously. This synchronized approach ensures that the bait and the lead reach the bottom together, minimizing the risk of tangling and maximizing the efficiency of the deployment process. RJ provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute this technique, making it easy for anglers to replicate on their own.

Proper boat handling is another essential factor in successful bait deployment, and RJ emphasizes the importance of driving the boat correctly while deploying the bait. He explains how the boat's speed, direction, and position relative to the current and wind can all impact the effectiveness of the deployment process. By following RJ's guidance on boat handling, anglers can ensure that their bait reaches the desired depth and location without issue.

RJ also highlights the significance of drag settings on the bait rod during deployment. He explains how to adjust the drag to prevent the bait from breaking loose from the release clip prematurely, which can lead to lost fishing time and reduced efficiency. By setting the drag correctly, anglers can ensure that their bait remains securely attached until it reaches the bottom, maximizing their chances of attracting a swordfish.

Finally, RJ addresses the question of how many anglers are needed for hand cranking swordfish. While the video demonstrates the process with a small crew, RJ explains that it can be done with as few as two anglers, provided they are well-coordinated and familiar with the techniques involved. This information is valuable for anglers who may not have access to a large crew or who prefer a more intimate fishing experience.

Overall, RJ Boyle's video provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to deploying bait for hand cranking swordfish. By mastering these techniques and following RJ's expert advice, anglers can unlock the excitement and satisfaction of catching these magnificent creatures using this unique and challenging method.

Key Steps After Bait Deployment

After successfully deploying the bait and getting it to the bottom, anglers are faced with a critical decision: should they wait for a swordfish to take the bait, or should they proactively break the weight loose from the release clip? This choice can significantly impact the outcome of the fishing experience, and RJ Boyle's video provides detailed guidance on how to approach this situation.

RJ explains that there are advantages and disadvantages to both waiting for the bite and breaking the weight immediately. Waiting for the bite allows the swordfish to fully commit to the bait, potentially resulting in a more solid hookup. However, this approach also means that the angler must be prepared to react quickly and decisively when the bite occurs, as the fish may not stay on the bait for long.

On the other hand, breaking the weight loose from the release clip as soon as the bait reaches the bottom can help to create a more natural presentation, as the bait is free to move and flutter in the current. This approach can be particularly effective when targeting finicky or pressured fish, as it may entice them to strike more readily.

Ultimately, the decision to wait for the bite or break the weight depends on a variety of factors, including the specific conditions, the behavior of the swordfish, and the angler's personal preferences. RJ provides a detailed analysis of each approach, offering insights into when and why one might be more effective than the other.

Throughout this segment of the video, RJ emphasizes the importance of paying close attention to the rod tip and the line, as these will provide critical indicators of when a swordfish is showing interest in the bait. He also discusses the proper way to set the hook and how to adjust the drag to ensure a successful fight.

By providing a step-by-step breakdown of the post-deployment phase of hand cranking for swordfish, RJ's video equips anglers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions and adapt to changing situations on the water. Whether you choose to wait for the bite or break the weight immediately, this comprehensive resource will help you maximize your chances of success and enjoy the thrill of hand cranking for these incredible fish.

The Bite

When a swordfish takes the bait, the angler must be prepared to execute a series of critical steps to ensure a successful hookup and fight. RJ Boyle's hand cranking video provides invaluable guidance on how to drive the hook, break off the lead, and apply the appropriate amount of drag to subdue these powerful fish.

Driving the hook is perhaps the most challenging aspect of hooking a swordfish, as it requires a combination of timing, finesse, and power. RJ explains that anglers must be patient and wait for the right moment to set the hook, allowing the fish to fully commit to the bait before applying pressure. He also discusses the importance of using the proper amount of drag when setting the hook, as too little drag may result in a weak hookup, while too much drag can cause the hook to pull or the line to break.

Once the hook is set, the angler must quickly break off the lead to free the line and allow for a more dynamic fight. RJ demonstrates the proper technique for breaking off the lead, which involves applying a sudden burst of pressure to the line while simultaneously reeling in slack. This process requires coordination and practice, but when executed correctly, it can significantly increase the chances of landing the fish.

With the lead broken off, the angler must then adjust the drag to an appropriate level for fighting the swordfish. RJ provides detailed recommendations on drag settings based on the size of the fish and the strength of the tackle, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between applying enough pressure to tire the fish and avoiding putting too much strain on the line or rod.

Throughout the fight, RJ stresses the need for patience and persistence, as swordfish are notorious for their long, powerful runs and their ability to test an angler's endurance. He offers valuable tips on how to manage the fight, including techniques for pumping and reeling, as well as strategies for dealing with sudden changes in the fish's behavior.

By providing a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to hooking and fighting swordfish using the hand cranking method, RJ Boyle's video equips anglers with the knowledge and confidence they need to tackle these incredible fish. Whether you're a seasoned swordfish angler or a newcomer to the sport, this video is an essential resource that will help you master the art of hand cranking and experience the thrill of landing a magnificent broadbill.

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