High Speed Wahoo Trolling Rods and Reels

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Expert angler RJ Boyle shares his insights on selecting the best rods and reels for high speed wahoo trolling, emphasizing the importance of quality tackle, rod sensitivity, and reel selection to maximize success when targeting these powerful and fast-swimming fish.

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Key Points of the Video:

  • Learn about the best rods and reels for high speed wahoo trolling
  • Discover tips from expert angler RJ Boyle on selecting the right tackle
  • Understand the importance of rod sensitivity and flex for wahoo fishing
  • Explore top recommended rods and reels, including Shimano Tiagra and Hooker models
  • Gain insights on terminal tackle and rod guides for successful wahoo trolling

When it comes to wahoo fishing, having the right equipment is crucial for success. Expert fisherman RJ Boyle shares his insights on selecting the best rods and reels for high speed wahoo trolling. Whether you prefer short butts, long butts, or bent butts, RJ emphasizes the importance of investing in quality tackle to maximize your chances of landing these powerful and fast-swimming fish.

The Importance of Quality Tackle

One of the key points RJ stresses is the significance of using high-quality terminal tackle, rods, and reels when trolling for wahoo. Skimping on gear can lead to lost fish and missed opportunities. Wahoo are known for their incredible speed and strength, so having reliable equipment is essential to withstand the demands of high speed trolling.


Don't skimp on terminal tackle or rods and reels when it comes to wahoo fishing. Investing in quality gear will pay off in the long run.

RJ Boyle
nice wahoo aka ono fish held up by fisherman caught high speed trolling

Choosing the Right Rod

When selecting a rod for wahoo trolling, RJ compares several different types and highlights the importance of rod sensitivity and flex. A little bit of flex in the rod tip allows for better response when a wahoo strikes or when the boat is turning, putting pressure on the rod tip. Stiff rods are not recommended, as they lack the necessary sensitivity to dissipate line pressure and can lead to pulled hooks. Another important consideration is the when using braid, which has no give, you need a little give in the rod. There needs to be some give at some point.

RJ's personal preference is the Blackfin Rods with silicon carbide ring guides and a roller tip, where the roller is built into the frame. This setup provides smooth line flow and reduces friction, which is crucial when trolling at high speeds for wahoo. Having the roller built within the frame of the guide, so that the braid can't fall off the roller and cause a line failure.

Rod Guide Options

  • Ring guides with roller tip (RJ's preference)
  • Standard guides
  • Roller guides

Reel Selection: Hand Crank or Electric?

When it comes to reels, both hand crank and electric options can be effective for wahoo trolling. RJ points out that at the end of the day, it's about catching the fish, and both reel types have their merits. However, he personally prefers the Tiagra 2-speed reel for its versatility and power.

For those interested in electric reels, RJ recommends the Hooker Electric Reel as a solid choice. Electric reels can be advantageous when dealing with the high speeds and long distances often associated with wahoo trolling.

Terminal Tackle Considerations

In addition to rods and reels, RJ emphasizes the importance of using quality terminal tackle. Using strong, durable terminal tackle will help prevent break-offs and lost fish when battling aggressive wahoo at high speeds.


High speed trolling for wahoo requires specialized equipment to handle the demands of these powerful fish. By following RJ Boyle's advice on selecting the right rods, reels, and terminal tackle, anglers can increase their chances of success when targeting wahoo.

Remember to prioritize sensitivity and flex in your rod selection, choose a reel that suits your preferences and fishing style, and invest in quality terminal tackle. With the right setup, you'll be well on your way to enjoying the thrill of high speed wahoo trolling.

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