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Spotted Sea Trout Tampa Bay Fishing

There are two names on Florida's west coast that are synonymous with outstanding inshore fishing. Captains Ray Markham and William Toney are known for there immense fishing knowledge and advocacy for healthy fisheries. Ray Markham is an artificial bait wizard. He is pretty much uses exclusively artificial baits. William Toney is a broad spectrum fisherman. He is equally adept with live bait, dead bait and lures. These guys have reputations for catching fish.

Fishing Tampa Bay is an interesting adventure, when you start to break down the topography and water flows. There is a healthy population of speckled trout, who's tendencies are predictable in specific places throughout the Bay. Knowing what to look for and why the fish are there will give you a nice advantage. Water movement is key. Ray and William share some deep insights on how to fish Tampa Bay for sea trout using a variety of artificial lures.

These guys are light tackle ninjas. The quality of the information they are exchanging on this fishing day will give you an edge when heading out for your next day on the water. The big take away is how to locate sea trout. When you know why certain areas of Tampa Bay provide better coverage for the fish, you can focus your efforts on those more productive spots and end up catching more fish.

Learn from two of Florida's best with this sea trout fishing video.

Sea Trout Fishing Videos

Fish with Capt. William Toney

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