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river bass gear in the spread fishing video chad bryson

River Bass Fishing Gear

If you are interested in how to fish for bass in rivers, the first thing you need to consider is your gear. What rods, reels, lures or flies are good choices to start with? Whether you are after smallmouth bass or, in the south, shoal bass, having the right fishing gear can make all the difference. In The Spread bass fishing videos make every effort to present to the gear setups, tactics, techniques and fishing philosophies of several outstanding fishermen. Chad Bryson is the instructor for this video.

For this that are unfamiliar with shoal bass, this is a member of the black bass family. They are native to Georgia and Florida and as the name denotes they live in and around the shoals found in many southern rivers.

Chad Bryson grew up in North Georgia fishing rivers loaded with bass fish and trout. Chad has been guiding throughout the south, as well as in Alaska, for most of his life. He is a heady angler with a fundamental understanding of how fisheries are formed, what drives the ecology and how smallmouth bass and shoal bass thrive in rivers. He knows the foods they feed on, what time of year is most productive, where to find fish and most importantly how to target them. When it comes to the gear required for river bass fishing with success, Chad breaks things down to a very simple level. All his suggestions are entry level and can be readily had at just about any decent tackle shop or outfitter. You will get intel on both conventional gear and fly fishing for bass gear. These are all items that Chad uses or has used, so he is not just making random suggestions.

When it comes to river bass fishing, Chad Bryson does this in anything from a jet boat, drift boat and cataraft or can be found wading into the river to hammer out a shoal. He does a lot of this type of fishing, as either a guide or an angler.

Take the information Chad provides and get yourself setup to hit the river for successful fishing. Chad is highly respected across the industry. He does not mince words or make stuff up. Learn from what he has to share and fish smarter.

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