Planer Fishing - Sea Witches and Water Color

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

This video discusses the importance of sea witches in planer fishing rigs, focusing on color combinations for blue and green water. Understanding the water and rig anatomy is crucial for successful fishing. It also covers king mackerel and wahoo tendencies, best times of day, and depth for king mackerel.

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If you're just starting out with planer fishing, remember this fundamental tenet: If your rigs aren't right, you won't get tight.

Key Components of a Planer Fishing Rig

  • Good hook sets
  • The right bait
  • Mylar and sea witches

Note: The sea witch might be the most crucial component.

Choosing the Right Sea Witch Color

Understanding the right sea witch color for different water conditions is vital. Let's delve into the best colors for green (or dirty) water and blue (or clean) water.

Dirty Water Colors

When fishing in green water, you want colors that stand out:
  • Green
  • Chartreuse
  • White
  • Crystal
  • Pink
We'll showcase some of these color combinations in the video.

Clean Water Colors

For blue water, think about offshore colors, resembling the fish that inhabit those waters:
  • Crystal
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
Again, we'll demonstrate winning combinations in the video.

Pro Tip: Even if the surface water appears green, it might be blue just a few feet down. If you're not getting bites in green water, try switching to blue water colors.

Understanding the Water

It's essential to know the water and the appropriate sea witch colors. Don't hesitate to experiment. If you're fishing in green water and marking fish without catching any, change your colors based on our recommendations.

Knowledge is Power

If you understand the anatomy of what you're fishing for, you're ahead of many fishermen. Our In The Spread video and other planer fishing videos provide detailed insights into the rig and effective fishing techniques.

Mechanics of Planer Fishing

  • Best times to fish for mackerel
  • Productive water depths
  • Adjusting depth as the day progresses
  • Choosing the right planer size based on fish depth

Water Conditions and Game Fish Behavior

Water conditions can vary daily. Sometimes, green and blue waters might be adjacent in a defined manner. When faced with this scenario, which side should you fish?

Fish Knowledge: Mackerel prefer green water, while wahoo favor blue water. When you encounter a distinct color break, it's wise to fish both sides. Game fish predators will be where their prey seeks refuge, which might be structures or murky waters.
Fishing the Eastern Atlantic Ocean

The winds and currents can be unpredictable. The reef might have green or blue water on any given day. If the blue water is miles offshore, stay on the reef, fish the green water, and switch colors until you find the one that works.

Tip: To determine if the water below the green surface is blue, observe the trail your wake creates. A cleaner trail indicates that only the surface water is green.

Continuous Learning

To master planer fishing, stay curious. Learn from experienced fishermen, apply the knowledge, and practice regularly. Fish smarter, not harder.

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