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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Planer fishing rigs are essential for success in nearshore waters during summer. They allow baits to be down in the water column, where game fish are suspended. Understanding the process of creating planer rigs, including hooks, sea witches, and snap swivels, can save time and money.

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What are planer fishing rigs and why should you incorporate them into your tackle arsenal? What we present in this video is part of our planer fishing 101 approach to showing you what is actually happening when you use a fishing planer, what planers are and how the mechanics of how they work. If you are unfamiliar with what is happening in the water during the hot summer months, then you may not realize why it benefits you to fish with a planer?

During the months of the year when the air heats up, the water at the surface does, as well. As sea surface temperatures rise, fish drop down in the water column in search of cooler surroundings. When you start to understand why fish behave the way the do seasonally, you are well on your way to catching more. So, if the fish have moved deeper and you are dragging baits on the surface, you probably aren't catching much. Fishing planers allow you to get your bait off the surface and down where the fish are hanging out.

You will find a lot of fishermen doing the act of fishing and not actually catching fish. What? Dragging ballyhoo, strip baits or some other rigged bait on the surface behind your boat is just going thru the motions. All you are doing is pulling baits over fish and not by fish. Do you want to dive in and learn some great fishing techniques that will catch you fish? Learn about planer fishing rigs and what you need to get started catching more fish in the summer.

If you are fishing nearshore waters out to 300 feet in depth and not planer fishing, you may not be catching much in S. Florida. This video is going to take you to the next level. Be successful on the water. We are going to show you exactly what you need to make your own rigs and the mechanics of how planers work.

Planer Fishing Rigs 1. The hook set 2. Mylar sea witches 3. Fluorocarbon bite section or wire, if you desire 4. Monofilament shock cord 5. Snap swivels 6. The planer

Learn what planers look like in the set position and the dynamics of what happens when you get a bite. It's all really pretty simple. Once you see it, you will understand. One interesting fishing tip you will get from watching is how your trolling speed effects the depth the planers run. The slower you troll planers, the deeper they will go. The faster your planers are trolled, the more they rise in the water. This will help when you mark fish on your sounder and want to get baits to a specific depth.

Another valuable bit of fishing knowledge you will learn about is the different sizes of planers and which you may want to have on your boat. If you are just starting out planer fishing, the No. 3 planer is a great one to start with. After you get comfortable using this size, you can venture into using larger sizes.

We hope this tutorial on planer fishing rigs and the what is happening in the water when you troll them helps you fish smarter and catch more fish.

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