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Offshore Fishing with a Trolling Planer

If you are fishing in nearshore waters of 300 feet or less, trolling planers is the most productive tool you can use. In the summer months when the air temperature is much higher and the upper water column is going to be on the hotter side, fish are going to be deeper. How do you get your baits down to where the fish are hanging out? You use a fishing planer. If you are not using them, you might as well go play golf. Keep in mind, even though we filmed this in South Florida, you can apply what you learn here about trolling planer fishing to any fishery.

This In The Spread fishing video, featuring RJ Boyle, will cover how to use a planer for fishing. A few of the topics we cover include big boat and small boat setups, tackle, rods and reels, rigs, tactics and techniques for this style of angling. See why it will benefit you to fish a planer with this super in-depth presentation.

Learn about the mechanics of the rig. We break down the hooks used, the mylar, squid skirts and sea witches that cover your bait. What color skirts should you use in clear water and dirty? Learn about the fluorocarbon and monofilament used and how much you really need. Get a clear understanding of why multiple swivels are necessary on both ends of the planer.

What are the best strip baits to use with your planer fishing rig? RJ will discuss bonito, mullet, squid and artificial or rubber strip baits. Remember, fresh is best, so go with whatever is most predominant in your home waters. Learn how to hook baits with single and double hook rigs.

We will show you how to set up your trolling spread, for both sport fishers and center consoles, using different size planers and why this is important. Learn how to stagger your spread to prevent tangling when turing the boat. See techniques on how to deploy, trip and release them. Pick up great pointers on how to fight fish.

Again, if you are fishing for grouper, sailfish, kingfish, wahoo or other reef species in nearshore waters, trolling a planer is going to get you more fish. Why do you think the commercial kingfish guys use them so much? They work! Whether you want to work a current edge, temperature break or structure at depth, this is the way to go. Don't just do the act of fishing. Actually fish by knowing where fish will hold and how to get you bait in front of them. This is a tactics used by excellent crews the world over. Adopt it and put more fish in your boat today.

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