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Offshore Fishing for Blue Marlin

David Brackmann is one of those fishermen that has fished all over the world at a very high level with great success. You can tell he has put a lot of thought into his system of trolling marlin lures. Their is no doubt he is one of the best. What you are about to see is a complete breakdown of how you set up a spread of trolling lures to target blue marlin. David takes a super comprehensive approach to sharing his knowledge and opinions on offshore trolling lures, rigging and fine tuning lures, how to properly setup and how to manage a spread when marlin fishing.

Marlin fishing is basic physics. You have an action and a reaction to a force. You do not have to overcomplicate what it is. The presentation David gives in this In The Spread marlin fishing instruction video is very thorough. He starts with the first lure you want to put in the water. This allows you to regulate your speed, based on the swimming action of that first lure, and work your pattern around your first lure. Wave position and placement on the wave is key. You will learn which waves in the prop wash to run which lures on to achieve the most appealing bait spread and where on the wave the marlin lure swims best.

In setting up the spread, David using tag lines where he attaches his line by using a dacron loop. A dacron loop is a loop that is spliced into the line. This loop is secured to a release clip. What this does is give you a certain amount of drop back to allow the fish to grab the lure and the hook to come tight. Tag lines also allows you to manipulate the lures performance in the given seas. This is all demonstrated to you in great detail.

One of the cool concepts that is examined is how a lures swimming cycle impacts hook up ratio. When a trolling lure cycles, it comes to the surface grabs some air and then goes back underwater. The calculus you have to determine is how much time is ideal for the lure to stay underwater. David is very keen on what his ideal cycle time should be. The reason you need that lure to stay in the water for an ideal amount of time is that it is easier for a marlin to catch the lure if it is running below the surface. You hook up ratio is also better when the lure is not skipping all over the surface of the ocean.

Once David has the spread set up and swimming well, he shares his thoughts on how you setup it up and how that helps with hook-ups. He goes into lure positions based on size and head shape design. By showing you the types of lures for each position, you will have a good idea of how to do this yourself. He will also discuss lures vs. teasers and utilizing bait and switch to increase hook ups.

Once the mechanics of setting up a trolling spread and theories on spread patterns is covered in-depth, David goes into the leader and all the connections, lure dynamics, hook designs and rigging tips. For the leader, he explains wind ons vs IGFA legal leaders and which he prefers for various species. All the knots and connections, swivels, crimps and chafe gear are highlighted and why they are used. Lure designs are all about hydrodynamics. How it swims is all based on the shape. The position the hook runs in will also effect the lures performance. So, take that into consideration when rigging lures.

Take advantage of this incredible learning opportunity to absorb some super helpful fishing tips from a great marlin fisherman. David Brackmann is sharing some really powerful knowledge to help empower you. Fishing has a lot to do with confidence. That all starts with what and how much you know. Use this information to fine tune your system. Believe in that system and do not hesitate to experiment with what makes most sense to you and gets you the best hookup ratio with your marlin lures.

Never stop learning.

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