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marlin lure spread

  • Offshore Fishing for Blue Marlin

    2018, Blue Marlin - Lures and Spread Setup with David Brackmann

    David Brackmann, a skilled marlin fishing instructor, shares his expertise in setting up a marlin spread for targeting blue marlin. He demonstrates various lure types, deployment, optimal position, and managing the spread throughout the day. David also discusses dacron tag lines and cool up ratios for marlin lure swimming. The detailed presentation covers leader, connections, lure dynamics, hook sets, and rigging tips, empowering fishermen to fish smarter and more effectively.

  • David Brackmann explains a Marlin Lure Spread

    2020, Marlin Lure Spread

    A marlin lure spread is a crucial aspect of fishing, attracting blue marlin. It involves setting up a proper spread, deciding on the order and lures to use. The author, who has experienced fishing in various destinations, believes in learning from successful fishermen. The author aims to help anglers become more aware of the variables involved in a marlin lure spread, fostering a deeper understanding of the sport.