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How to Tie a Fly for Brown Trout

Chad Bryson has made a name for himself by targeting big trout and tying the very flies he uses to catch those slabs. If you want to learn how to tie flies for big trout, this step by step fly tying by Chad is master level.

Chad has a profound understanding of big trout feeding behavior, their habitat, ecology and how to target them. You can see that brown trout fishing knowledge come out in the way Chad ties his trout streamers. Fish the size you want to target with this fly do not eat bugs. They get big by eating meat. We are talking other fish, rodents, birds, amphibians and other protein. Part of what this fly does is mimic the larger profile food sources and eliminate smaller fish. This is a bigger streamer and it takes a big trout to eat it.

This is a very detailed fly tying video. You get a full break down of the tools, hooks and equipment Chad uses and why he uses them. He will show you precisely how he selects features, hair and fiber. See each and every step of how to tie a fly. It is not just about how to tie, but why each aspect of the fly builds toward achieving maximum performance in the water. You don't just want something that looks good. You want a fly that big brown trout want to destroy. Learn how to do it yourself. Go with knowledge and catch more big fish.

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