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How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures

The how to rig offshore trolling lures discussion runs the gambit of head shapes, lure size, skirt length, single of double hook, stiff rig or no. What are you fishing for and what type of spread best suits your end goal? A couple of the most important considerations when setting up any offshore offshore trolling spread and sea conditions? You have to make sure the size of your lure is right for your desired species and sea conditions, right for your boat, for your tackle and that it matches the size of the prey that the fish you are seeking eats.

This In The Spread How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures video features the legendary big game skipper Roddy Hays sharing his knowledge and wisdom on offshore trolling lures, shape dynamics, matching baits to species behavior and how all this translates into rigging marlin lures for trolling.

Roddy offers great perspective on a selection of lure sizes you would typically pull behind your game boat. The various head shapes and how each tracks in the water is highlighted. These would be considered classic shapes. You will see him examine one that has very little taper on it that you would be considered a straight pull lure. Another will be a shorter lure head with a classic angled face. This style of lure would be recognized as a swimmer or a diving lure. The cupped face or pusher lure, another great style, is another lure Roddy like. The pusher, as its names implies, pushes a lot of water, make a lot of noise and are very good to run in rough seas. Expect Roddy to offer up well thought out contrasts and comparisons between shape variations, within a specific style of trolling lure, and how those subtleties within design dynamics impacts the swimming action. Head shapes from top water baits, pushers, tubes, Hawaiian style super plungers, cupped face baits with jets or without and jet heads will be discussed relative to their ideal spread position.

When you think about lure selection, it is very important to think about the species of fish you want to catch and where you might be going out to sea. You will probably be seeking one specific species of fish like blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo or tuna. This is the norm in places like Hawaii, Madeira, Bermuda, the Canary Islands and most other big game destinations. When you get very specific about what species you are targeting, there will be subtle differences in how that particular fish feeds and the prey they eat. When it comes to baitfish, they all have different instinctual behaviors when being pursued by a predator. What you have to do is with your lures is replicate the activity of that bait, so your target species will find it desirable. Roddy will share with you a variety of lures the work well for tuna, wahoo and billfish. Bigger blue marlin being the crowned jewel is the more wide ranging discussion, as Roddy spends a lot more time profiling the feeding habits of the marlin and how this translates into size and shape choices.

The meticulous approach Roddy Hays takes to his lure rigging is why he is such a great person to learn the process from. Watch as he demonstrates the step by step how to rig offshore lures with a single hook. You really get a solid perspective on the choices that are available for hooks and which are best suited for this type of saltwater fishing. This is an amazing lure rigging video. So much good info. Not an ingredient is left our nor a single step. From the cable he attaches to his mono, the hook choice, crimps, shrink tube, the tools and making all the connections, you will watch up close and learn the lure rigging technique Roddy prefers for big fish. Roddy really is an amazing instructor. Enjoy this In The Spread video and never stop learning.

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