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  • Kris Ishibashi holding a blue marlin lure rigged with Sta-Stuk hook

    2023, Rigging Marlin Lures with Sta-Stuk Hooks

    Discover the art of rigging marlin lures with Sta-Stuk hooks, as demonstrated by Kris Ishibashi. Master this essential skill for blue marlin fishing with our step-by-step guide, exploring the innovative design and benefits of Sta-Stuk hooks and learning key techniques to enhance your fishing success.

  • lure rigging for high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rigging Lures for High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker, a renowned big game fishing pro, demonstrates unconventional wahoo trolling lure rigging techniques in a video. This powerful learning tool showcases his unique system, which weeds through smaller fish to focus on catching big wahoo. The video covers tools, tackle, and lures used for rigging wahoo lures, with a heavier setup for better results. This resource is ideal for learning high-speed trolling techniques and catching big wahoo.

  • How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures

    2018, Trolling Lures - Rigging for Offshore Fishing

    In the In The Spread fishing video, Roddy Hays, a knowledgeable and experienced instructor, discusses principles and dynamics related to fishing for marlin, tuna, and wahoo. He explains how to rig offshore trolling lures, preferring specific lure shapes, matching baits to species behavior, and determining sea conditions. The video provides valuable information for those looking to fish smarter and confidently.

  • How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures

    2020, How to Rig Offshore Trolling Lures

    Rigging offshore trolling lures involves considering design factors like head shape, skirt, and weight. Learners should seek out successful fishermen to learn how to rig lures. Videos can provide a first-person experience and help visualize the multi-step process. By talking to successful fishermen, one can learn how to rig lures and ensure they produce bites.