Dolphin Fishing - Terminal Tackle

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

This dolphin fishing video by RJ Boyle explains the importance of two rigs for mahi mahi. The moon plays a role in determining the appropriate rig and bait. Monofilament and fluorocarbon leader material are used for picky fish, while fluoro and live bait are recommended for hungry fish. The video covers leader material, hooks, knots, crimps, and sabiki rigs. With the right mindset and terminal tackle, dolphin fishing is simple.

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RJ Boyle, a renowned angler and owner of a tackle shop in South Florida, provides insights into the essential tackle for dolphin fishing. In this video guide, he focuses on the equipment needed when casting to mahi mahi attracted to the back of your boat.

While there's a plethora of feathers, lures, and other items available, RJ emphasizes that you only need two main rigs for casting to dolphins:

  1. Fluorocarbon Rig
  2. Chunking Rig

    Note: Choose tackle based on what works best for you, as demonstrated in the video. The aim is to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on fishing.

Leader Material

The most commonly used leader material is 80 lb monofilament. However, if you're fishing in waters teeming with dolphins weighing over 50 lbs, consider upgrading to 130 lb mono. The color of the mono—whether clear, pink, or smoke—doesn't significantly impact dolphin fishing. However, during a full moon when fish are finicky, fluorocarbon (fluoro) is recommended. Opt for any reputable brand.

The Moon's Impact on Dolphin Fishing

The moon phase can influence the feeding habits of the dorado:

  • Full Moon: Dolphins feed throughout the night, making them less hungry during the day. This is when the fluorocarbon leader becomes essential, paired with super sharp hooks and live bait. RJ demonstrates how to craft the fluoro rig, discussing his preferred hooks, leader, mainline, and casting knots.
Live Bait: Essential during a full moon to induce bites. Options include pilchards, herring, and juvenile blue runners. Some dolphins might only be enticed by juvenile blue    runners, emphasizing the need for sabiki rigs to catch these juveniles. The key takeaway? Dolphins find it hard to resist juvenile blue runners.

  • Smaller Moons: When dolphins are hungrier, a mono rig with long shank hooks suffices. RJ elaborates on the best hooks and walks viewers through the rig setup, from hooks to leader, crimps, snap swivel, and mainline.

RJ Boyle's Expertise

RJ's meticulous nature is evident in his approach to terminal tackle, which proves beneficial for rigging. His expertise in rigging is invaluable. In this dolphin fishing tackle video, he breaks down the two essential rigs for boat casting: the fluoro rig and the chunking rig.

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