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  • Captain Shawn Rotella of Kona Hawaii holds a nice dolphin

    2023, Mahi Mahi Trolling Tactics with Captain Shawn Rotella

    Capt. Shawn Rotella unlocks the secrets of mahi mahi fishing. From spotting elusive dolphin fish to mastering the art of trolling, this video offers a deep-sea journey into the world of dolphin fishing.

  • 2020, Dolphin Fishing - Angling Techniques

    A rotation-style dolphin fishing technique involves catching every fish that appears. It involves using steady food, such as menhaden oil, chum, and chunks, to keep pelagic food vacuums happy. The process involves drawing a fish away from the school, sending out hooked bait, and sending out loan chunks. This method is effective for both big sport fishers and center consoles.

  • 2020, Dolphin Fishing - Terminal Tackle

    This dolphin fishing video by RJ Boyle explains the importance of two rigs for mahi mahi. The moon plays a role in determining the appropriate rig and bait. Monofilament and fluorocarbon leader material are used for picky fish, while fluoro and live bait are recommended for hungry fish. The video covers leader material, hooks, knots, crimps, and sabiki rigs. With the right mindset and terminal tackle, dolphin fishing is simple.

  • Dolphin Fishing - Tools and Accessories

    2020, Dolphin Fishing - Tools and Accessories

    To ensure a successful dolphin fishing trip, it's essential to have all necessary tools and accessories on your boat. Despite the ease of the activity, it's crucial to be prepared for various scenarios, such as floating debris, weedlines, and traveling birds. A comprehensive understanding of the tools and accessories needed on your boat is essential for a successful offshore fishing experience.

  • Dolphin Fishing - Know The Species

    2023, Dolphin Fishing - Know The Species

    Dolphin fishing is a popular sport due to their speed, agility, and brilliant coloration. They are prized for their challenge and deliciousness. Dolphins are found in tropical and subtropical oceans, primarily near reefs and open waters. They are also found in deeper waters. Dolphin fishing videos provide tools to level up skills and learn from world-renowned fishermen.

  • Dolphin Fishing Tackle

    2020, Dolphin Fishing Tackle

    Dolphin fishing is a simple offshore fishing endeavor that requires quality products and minimal equipment. The most effective baits are live bait and chunks, which can be used with fresh or live lures. The choice of rig depends on the moon phase and the fish's appetite. Pilchards, herring, and juvenile blue runners are ideal for dolphin, with smaller rigs being ideal. A sabiki rig is recommended for catching juvenile blue runners.

  • Saltwater Fishing Videos - Offshore Tactics and Techniques

    2020, Offshore Fishing Videos - Learn Something New

    Offshore fishing videos are not just for watching fisherman catch fish but also for learning from successful fishermen. The Spread aims to share fishing knowledge and provide a solid plan of execution. Understanding ocean conditions, weather, and safety equipment is crucial for success. Returning to land safely is the most important part of the offshore fishing adventure.