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collins river muskie fly fishing in the spread video

Collins River Musky Fishing on Fly

Fly fishing is a great way to trigger musky bites on the Collins River in Tennessee. The strip, strip, strip mechanics creates a irresistible pulsing action with big muskie flies. The trick is getting your fly in the vicinity of a muskellunge. How do you break down a river system to target these fish? What stretches of river will hold fish? What musky flies should you be fishing? What about tackle?

Captain Chad Bryson is a multi-dimensional fisherman and guide. He has fished all over North and South America. His knowledge of the river dynamics that hold fish is beyond reproach. He knows the gear, the tactics and he ties his own musky flies. Join him on the Collins River in Tennessee, as he shares with you how to catch muskie with fly fishing gear.

Understanding how rivers form and the dynamics that drive the waters movement, especially on the Collins River, is the first step in knowing where musky will set up shop. If you know how the water works to aggregate bait you can pinpoint where musky are most likely to be. When you factor in the bottom structure, confluences, downed timber or any other anomaly that will attract fish, you have a good road map to success. Chad is going to discuss all these variables and more, as he shares with you how he goes about selecting area to work over. Be able to discern where to fish is critical.

I cannot tell you how many times fly fishing anglers will just cruise right past really productive waters to go straight to a spot where they saw a fish before or heard about a fish being caught. You need to take your time to pick apart a river and not make the mistake of running right over good water. Chad takes a significant amount of time to explain what you are looking for while drifting down the river, in terms of water features, and how to fish them.

Fly fishing for musky can be extremely lethal, if you go about it the right way. Learn about the fly fishing rod and reel Chad prefers and why he feels his choice gives him better chances when fishing big fish waters. See what flies he uses. Since Chad ties his own musky fly patterns, he has keen insight into how they will swim in the water and what characteristics translate into higher hook up ratios. There is a great deal of time spent on detailing all the tackle.

Once you know where to fish and what fly fishing gear you need, learn how Chad makes his presentations. Where is he casting? How long does he work and area? What fishing fishing techniques does he employ to help trigger bites. Everything you need to know to up your fly fishing for musky game is in this In The Spread fishing video. Watch and learn. The more you know, the more success you will have.

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