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  • Musky Fishing - Post Spawn Collins River

    2021, Muskie - Fishing Post Spawn on the Collins River

    Post-spawn muskie fishing involves downsizing and slowing retrieves, as fish recover from deeper holes. Dwayne Hickey, a Collins River expert, recommends working banks and systematically making multiple casts. Fishing skinny river waters requires patience, stretching multiple times, and accurate casting to find muskies.

  • Collins River Musky Fall Transition

    2020, Muskie - Fishing the Collins River Fall Transition

    Collins River Musky fishing is a healthy, skinny water environment with deep holes, weed beds, rock beds, and wood. Dwayne Hickey, the Godfather of the Collins, shares his simplified approach to musky fishing, focusing on shallow stretches, deep holes, rock beds, and wood. His knowledge and experience can be applied to any small river system, making musky fishing more effective.

  • Collins River Post Spawn Musky Fishing

    2019, Muskie - Collins River Post Spawn Fishing

    Musky fishing in the south has evolved from a joke to a multidimensional sport, with big fish caught year-round. Dwayne Hickey, a renowned musky hunter, shares his expertise in the post-spawn musky hunt. By dissecting a river system, learning to work banks, weed beds, islands, trees, creek mouths, and topography, one can become a successful musky hunter.

  • Featured
    Collins River Musky Fishing on Fly

    2018, Muskie - Collins River Fly Fishing Tactics

    In The Spread's Fly Fishing for Musky on the Collins River features Captain Chad Bryson, a multi-discipline fisherman with extensive skills in fly and conventional gear. He shares river dynamics, muskie habitats, and successful fishing areas, as well as water features, presentation mechanics, rods, and reels. Bryson's knowledge of water, species behavior, and willingness to share his knowledge will help anglers become more successful.

  • Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    2022, Musky Fishing - Wintertime Thoughts with Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River is ideal for musky fishing during December through March, with falling water temperatures and rising water levels. To maximize success, research water level, weather, and location. Musky fishing tips include slowing down, using current breaks, and focusing on steep banks, log jams, weed beds, and deep bluffs. Muskie will feed actively in even the coldest water and air temperatures, so adjusting your tactics is crucial.

  • Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    2021, Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    Southern muskie fishing in the summer is challenging due to the lack of closed seasons and ice covered rivers. However, abstaining from fishing is short but crucial for species health. Fall offers excellent action with various lures, including top water and spinnerbaits. Swim baits are available in various sizes and colors for clear and stained river water.

  • Live Bait for Muskie - Dwayne Hickey

    2020, Live Bait for Muskie - Dwayne Hickey

    Live bait for muskie fishing is effective, especially in the fall/winter season. However, some argue it's unfair due to gut hooking. To avoid this, muskie anglers use two hooking systems: a quick strike rig, which prevents gut hooking musky, and a circle hook rig for safe hook-ups. Large baits like gizzard shad, bullhead catfish, and suckers are suitable for deep water lakes.

  • Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    2020, Collins River Musky Fishing - Year Round Action

    Northern musky anglers are in full musky mode as summer winds down, with musky fishing season closing by the end of November in states like Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Collins River near McMinnville TN offers a long fall season with low temperatures and clear water. September is a great time for musky fishing, with September rains providing better fishing conditions. Musky live bait and weed beds are common in shallow, weedy areas.

  • Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    2020, Collins River TN Fishing - Dwayne Hickey

    The Collins River in Tennessee, near McMinnville, is known for smallmouth bass and red eye perch fishing. However, the river has seen a shift with the reintroduction of the Musky, a species once extinct. The stocking effort by Tennessee was successful, with the last muskie fingerlings stocked in 2012. The fishery is now healthy, with yearly data proving its health.

  • Big Tackle for Musky Fishing

    2019, Big Tackle for Musky Fishing

    Tackle failure is common in musky fishing, leading to costly losses. To avoid this, use the right fishing line, quality leaders, sharp fish hooks, and proper tie-up. Choose braided line for baitcasters and spinning reels, invest in quality leaders, file hooks for smooth drag, and use strong knots for a successful musky fishing experience.