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daytime broadbill swordfish seminar in the spread fishing video rj boyle
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Broadbill Swordfish Seminar With RJ Boyle

In this In The Spread Daytime Swordfish Seminar video, hosted by Florida daytime swordfish expert RJ Boyle, you are privy to a really deep discussion on the technical side of the fishing. RJ is a very technical swordfishing pro, so your take away will leave you more informed and ready for your first or next offshore fishing outing.

After watching this seminar, you will have a greater appreciation for the amount of time and work that goes into this type of fishing, at the highest level. You will understand how vital the boat driver, angler, tackle and bait are to your success. You will know more about currents, the drop, drift and boat driving than you could imagine before watching this production.

If you are not setup with the right gear, don't go. You will fail. RJ provides experienced based knowledge on why you need the right rods, reels and other tackle. Remember, you are trying to hook a swordfish up to a half mile away. Everything has to be spot on.

For example, RJ spend about 30 minutes just on the broadbill swordfish rig. From the hooks you should consider using and why it is important to use them. From the distance you are from the fish, you need that hook to penetrate when you drive it. Do skirts really matter? What colors does he like the most? What type of monofilament is he using for the bite section of the leader? Why should you use a wind on leader?

That is just the beginning. RJ Boyle drills into the stratification of the current. This is a heavy open forum discussion on the nuts and bolts of fishing for broadbill swordfish in the daytime. Enjoy this. You will walk away a lot richer.

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