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October 08, 2020
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The author, a southeastern US native, started fishing in Louisiana for yellowfin tuna. He grew hooked on the sport and wanted to share his knowledge with others. He developed the idea for In The Spread fishing videos during his time in the Bahamas, aiming to provide hard core instructional content for public consumption.

A Thirst for Knowledge Drives Fishing Success

When it comes to watching yellowfin tuna videos, if you are like me, you are more of the “how to” type of fisherman than the watch some other angler boat a nice fish. To an extent I like to see other people catch fish, but I cannot invest lots of time doing this. My time is too valuable. I want knowledge. That is the only way we grow as a person and an angler. When I came up with the idea for In The Spread fishing videos, I was living in Miami and running over to the Bahamas to party and hammer the yellowfin tuna off of Harbour Island. This is where I filmed my first yellowfin tuna videos. Then I was experimenting, trying to figure out the best format for the content. During this period of fishing and experimenting, I came up with the notion to do hard core instructional fishing videos. I figured if I wanted to learn, others did as well. So, why not film everything and put it out for public consumption.

The Early Days of Fishing Venice and Beyond

I grew in the southeastern United States and started fishing the Gulf of Mexico out of Louisiana. Back then, Venice really didn't exist as it is today. I was a child fishing with my father and his friends. I remember being blown away seeing these amazing fish come into the boat. They were the biggest fish I had ever seen. I was hooked. Louisiana yellowfin tuna fishing was and is amazing. It is perhaps the best for the year round action and seasons of big fish. Since those very early days, fishing for tuna has always been one of my favorite saltwater endeavors.

When I graduated from college, I traveled to Hawaii to just roam and live the island vibe. Being a fisherman, I was drawn to the marina and found myself chartering a boat. Again, it was the beauty of the water and colors of the yellowfin tuna that swept me away. Then it was Mexico. Much later, I moved to Costa Rica for several years and fished like crazy out of Puerto Jimenez. This is another place were the tuna are plentiful and my love of catching them grew. As my journey continued and I had the pleasure of fishing Mexico, El Salvador, throughout the Caribbean and then the Indian Ocean both from Africa and Australia, the yellowfin tuna was there. Always there.

Shawn Rotella and Arthur Bjontegard with a yellowfin tuna caught off of Kona

Fish With and Learn From the Best

What I am getting at with all this travel is that everywhere I went to fish, the tuna were ever present. Sashimi, grilled, tacos, tataki, poke', seared, etc. There is nothing better. Maybe as good, but not better. Through all of this, I have been able to fish with some amazing fishermen and learn a wide variety of ways to target them. Trolling baits, trolling lures, live baiting, chunking in every imaginable form. While there is still more to capture, I have been able to put together a collection of yellowfin tuna videos that go into great detail on tactics and techniques. If you are pursuing knowledge on how to catch yellowfin tuna, the In The Spread yellowfin tuna videos offer you the chance to watch and listen to some amazing fishermen go through every facet of how they target this amazing fish.

A Library Of Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Knowledge

For the fishermen interested in fishing for yellowfin tuna in open water, In The Spread has the Chunking, Drifting and Live Baiting Yellowfin Tuna video. This video focuses on locating birds and using them to position your boat to take advantage of an approaching school of tuna. This is in open water, out of sight of land. It involves the use of live bait and dead bait. There is lots of discussion on boat driving, drifting, tackle and baiting. This video is loaded with information that will help you. Covering some of this same information, but from the perspectives of both a big boat captain and smaller center console captain, you have the Yellowfin Tuna Seminar. There is so much knowledge being thrown around in this presentation that no matter what type or size of boat your have, you will be super well informed on how to stick a lot more fish.

If you are fishing structure in the Gulf of Mexico or elsewhere, the yellowfin tuna videos I did with the Deep South Charter guys out of Venice, Louisiana are loaded with super high level info. The crews in Louisiana spend more time targeting tuna that perhaps any other fishery in North America. In our Live Chumming Yellowfin Tuna video, you will see how to live bait tuna and draw the school away from structure, keeping them with you as long as you want or until your limit out. These guys have this type of fishing dialed all the way in and give you everything you need to know to do it by yourself. The next amazing project in our library is the Chunking and Chumming for Yellowfin Tuna video where we show you how to use by-catch off a deep water trawler to create a slick that will draw in extremely large fish. Again, the Deep South Charter guys go into incredible detail on how to chunk yellowfin tuna and keep the other species from taking your baits. They essentially hand line baits to big fish and get them in the boat quickly using Talica 25 and Tiagra 30 size reels. You learn about how to find the fish and keep them with you. Tackle, harnesses, chumming, chunking, boat driving, gaffing, meat preservation, it's all here and more. Captain Josh Howard and crew are true artists when it comes to yellowfin tuna fishing. You can also hear about the Best Surface Lures for Yellowfin Tuna.

For Pacific fishermen, my good friend Captain Shawn Rotella, of Kona, Hawaii, is a master fisherman specializing in creating custom lures for various pelagic fish species, particularly yellowfin tuna. His expertise lies in understanding the dietary habits and behaviors of these fish, which he translates into effective trolling tactics and lure setups.

When schools of skipjack are present, feeding on smaller fish like flying fish, Shawn recommends imitating this scenario with the lure spread. He suggests using a mix of lures resembling both large and small skipjacks, placing smaller lures further back in the spread to avoid the prop wash that tuna are wary of. Understanding wave patterns and adjusting lure placements accordingly is crucial. The video we filmed with Shawn and his crew, Lure Trolling for Yellowfin Tuna, encompasses a true big fish mentality. Since the waters of Kona are populated with blue marlin, Shawn emphasizes the importance of being prepared for both tuna and marlin, as they often feed on the same prey. His standard trolling spread includes a combination of bigger poppers and quieter lures at the back.

Be Prepared For Every Situation

In the sport of offshore fishing, there is no room for BS. You are spending too much time and money, while putting your personal safety at some risk to not be fully invested in knowing what you are doing. Knowledge is the difference maker. If you want to catch more fish and save yourself a lot of headaches, the yellowfin tuna videos I have put together are derived from my thirst to know more and to work with truly amazing fishermen. This allows you to save time and money. As they say, luck befalls the prepared mind. Get the information you need to succeed with In The Spread.

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