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September 07, 2019
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The In The Spread team is exploring the shelf atoll of Rowley Shoals, 150 miles off Australia's west coast, for reef and offshore fishing. They'll use Tom Hilton's Realtime Navigator and satellite imagery to find fishable areas, including blue marlin, black marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and wahoo. They'll film for new fishing videos.

Article Summary

  • Exploration of Rowley Shoals: Highlighting the adventure to the atolls 150 miles off Australia's west coast.
  • Dynamic Marine Environment: Emphasis on the unique seafloor topography and abundant fish species.
  • Collaboration with Reel Teaser and Hilton's Realtime Navigator: Utilizing advanced satellite imagery for efficient fishing.
  • Target Species: Focusing on offshore and reef fish like marlin, tuna, GT, and dogtooth tuna.
  • Innovative Fishing Techniques: Use of altimetry, SST (sea surface temperature), and other modern methods.
  • Content Creation: Filming the expedition for future fishing videos and educational content.

The majestic atolls of Rowley Shoals, a treasure trove for anglers, sit atop the continental shelf in the Indian Ocean, a mere 150 miles from the western coast of Australia. This location offers a blend of deep sea fishing and reef fishing, teeming with diverse marine life. The unique topography, as revealed in Hilton's Realtime Navigator's seafloor images, hints at the extraordinary fishing opportunities in this area.

A Journey of Exploration

In The Spread, in partnership with Reel Teaser charter operation, embarks on an exploratory fishing trip to Rowley Shoals. This venture is a pioneering effort in this region, supported by advanced satellite imagery from, to identify optimal fishing spots. The imagery maps out key factors like altimetry, SST (Sea Surface Temperature), and other oceanographic data, crucial for locating fish such as blue marlin, black marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and wahoo.

Furthermore, the focus extends to legendary reef species like GTs or giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, coral trout, emperor fish, and more, enhancing the offshore fishing experience. The use of altimetry fishing, a technique that involves analyzing water column height variations to find fish, along with SST, becomes central to our strategy.

This expedition, a first of its kind in this part of the world, is not just about fishing. It's a journey of discovery, combining the thrill of gt fishing with the challenge of hooking elusive species like dogtooth tuna. The excitement of Tom Hilton and Ross Newton, the Reel Teaser owner, is palpable as we venture into these uncharted waters.

Learn Shelf Atoll Fishing

Expectations are high for the content that will emerge from this trip. We aim to capture the essence of Rowley Shoals fishing, showcasing techniques, and the thrill of the catch through upcoming fishing videos. This journey is not just about the fish we aim to catch; it's a narrative about the fusion of technology, knowledge, and passion in the quest for the ultimate fishing experience.

In summary, Rowley Shoals offers a unique and exciting fishing adventure, combining traditional angling skills with modern technology. This expedition promises to be a groundbreaking endeavor, shedding light on a relatively unexplored fishing paradise. Keep an eye out for our upcoming videos, where we'll share our experiences, tips, and the sheer exhilaration of fishing at Rowley Shoals.

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