Giant Trevally - Reef Fishing from the Mothership

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Instructor: Chris Rushford

In the Spread fishing video, Chris Rushford teaches techniques for casting lures to reef edges from a big boat. He emphasizes boat positioning, dissecting reef systems, and accurate casting. He shares his tackle, line, connections, and lures for successful fishing with GT's or giant trevally.

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    Casting Techniques: It's not just about throwing a lure; it's about precision and the right retrieve.
    Expertise: Learn from exceptional fishermen like Chris “Critter” Rushford from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures.
    Location: The Rowley Shoals in the Indian Ocean, 150 miles west of Broome, Australia.
    Key Fishing Areas: Focus on craggy, angular edges and channels in the atolls.
    GT's: Giant trevally are the dominant predators in these waters.
    Fishing Tips: Create commotion, mimic wounded baitfish, and understand the marine ecosystem.
    Gear: Use the right rods, reels, and lures designed for heavy-duty fishing.

Casting Lures: An Art and Science

Casting lures is more than just throwing it out and reeling it back. It's an art of casting and retrieving.

  • How do you ensure the lure lands in the right spot?
  • What casting technique is best for that?
  • How can you achieve the perfect retrieve cadence and action to trigger bites?

Unless you practice extensively or learn from seasoned fishermen, it's challenging to know what works best. For instance, casting big poppers and stick baits to a reef edge while maintaining a safe distance demands both skill and experience. Moreover, the right rod and reel setup is crucial.

Imagine being on a larger sport yacht or a head boat where casting big lures to aggressive reef donkeys is the norm. If you're curious about casting lures from a big boat to a reef edge, the In The Spread fishing video featuring Chris “Critter” Rushford from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures in Western Australia offers invaluable insights. The tips and techniques Chris shares are universally applicable to shallow water reef fishing where big apex predators roam.

The Setting: Rowley Shoals

Whether on a large vessel or a smaller one, the principles remain consistent. In our experience, we cast lures from our mothership, a 65' Westcoaster, as close as possible to the reef edge surrounding the atoll we fished at Rowley Shoals. Located approximately 150 miles west of Broome, Australia in the Indian Ocean, the Rowley Shoals are a series of atolls atop the continental shelf. Without a mothership operation, accessing and fishing these waters for extended periods would be challenging. The only difference between large and small boats is the proximity to the reef edge. Even with our 65-footer, we could cast lures right into the waves breaking on the reef, where the GT's or giant trevally frequently patrol.

Key Fishing Strategies

The secret to fishing the atoll's outer edge lies in:

  • Identifying craggy areas
  • Locating angular and broken edges
  • Finding channels that allow water flow in and out of the atoll

The more irregular the structure, the better. As the tide recedes, marine life and bait fish are swept off the top or from the reef's interior. This movement attracts larger reef predators, leading to a feeding frenzy. Amidst the chaos of waves and white water, the GT's, the undisputed lords of the reef, dominate. These fast and powerful creatures are relentless predators.

To attract a bite, your lure should create significant commotion in the water and mimic a wounded baitfish's behavior. Chris Rushford, despite his youth, has profound knowledge of the marine ecosystem of offshore reefs and the tactics for fishing GT's. His insights can significantly enhance your success in reef fishing for apex predators.

Expert Tips from Chris Rushford

Discover Chris's advice on:

  • Positioning your vessel to maximize lure landing in the strike zone
  • Casting techniques to get your lure close to the reef
  • Retrieval methods and varying tactics
  • Choosing the right gear for long casts and heavy drag
  • Selecting battle-ready lures with robust split rings and hooks

If you're venturing into this type of fishing, be prepared. Arm yourself with the right knowledge, use the best equipment, and learn from experts like Chris to catch the biggest fish.


What is the key to successful casting?
The key is to be able to put the lure in the right spot with the right retrieve cadence and action.

Who is Chris “Critter” Rushford?
Chris “Critter” Rushford is an expert from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures in Western Australia who shares valuable fishing tips and techniques.

What are the Rowley Shoals?
The Rowley Shoals are a series of atolls in the Indian Ocean, approximately 150 miles west of Broome, Australia.

What are GT's?
GT's, or giant trevally, are fast and powerful predators that dominate the waters around reefs.

How can one mimic the behavior of a wounded baitfish?
By creating commotion in the water and using the right lure presentation.

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